festevil and 369 more want to know where to get these pants
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festevil and 369 more want to know where to get these pants

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the bottom looks different cause shes tucked them in her converses
71 months ago
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You can go to dicks sporting goods and they have the sknny leg adida sweatpants for about $35

caylabb 66 months ago
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yeah but the flight would be kinda pricy since im from france

tachlhit 65 months ago
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Follow me on Instagram @queenofdiamondssss

QueenOfDiamondss 65 months ago
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These are the exact pants
60 months ago
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these have the band at the bottom or these just skinny leg?

Whits_Fashionista 20 months ago
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You can also just go to the adidas store, trying it on is wayy better!
50 months ago
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Or Modells for $45

avatar imagexFlawlessly_Beautifulx 52 months ago

Addidas oblineshop

avatar imageunixorn 65 months ago

That's what's up!

avatar imageNatzmoney 62 months ago


avatar imagekatherinemendezb 65 months ago

You can get that pants at the adidas website or store

avatar imagemelanieponce14 66 months ago

The pants are addidas

avatar imagefashionwithin 67 months ago

Get them at the mall in women's foot locker .

avatar imagebrandiporter85 65 months ago

go on adidas online ;)

avatar imagetheblackestphanter 67 months ago

Jcpenny* thats where my mom got my addida pants

avatar imagekatherinemendezb 65 months ago
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