raviebby and 576 more want to know where to get this dress
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raviebby and 576 more want to know where to get this dress

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American Apparel
exact one, the red one is available too, hope it helps xx
53 months ago
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It's not loading the dress are there any UP TO DATE websites for this dress?

Emelystatz2016 33 months ago
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Iit says the page is nonexistent

katsoivilien 19 months ago
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Not mentioned
I totally have this exact same dress!! Got it form the one and only American Apparel ❤️they have this in different colors and patterns ☺️
53 months ago
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Thank you!!!

karoline.tavarez 53 months ago
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American Apparel. I have this in medium, color red. I bought it off Poshmark, but it's big on me. I can list it on eBay or Poshmark for the same price if anyone wants it.

avatar imagelawsonsheila526 19 months ago


avatar imageMelinaaa. 49 months ago


avatar imagebjit1 51 months ago

Red too

avatar imageTHE_REBEL 53 months ago

American apparel

avatar imagetaylor12345 54 months ago


avatar imagetaylor12345 54 months ago

American Apparel

avatar imagehaileytibbetts 40 months ago

Red bodycon dresses on Shufflehub:


Shufflehub: Browse & search all your shops in all one place.

avatar imageHelpFromShufflehub 56 months ago

American apparel

avatar imagecourtney524 51 months ago

Cotton Spandex Jersey Underwire Bustier Dress from American Apparel

avatar imagePhi99 50 months ago
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