Carlee.Weber and 820 more want to know where to get this make-up
make-up classy wishlist mac lip liner mac lipstick romper mac cosmetics lipstick lip liner lip liner make-up lips mac cosmetics lipstick nail polish shade style beautiful m.a.c what colour is it? lip liner lip liner soar cute colorful like pink mac cosmetics
Carlee.Weber and 820 more want to know where to get this make-up

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The lipstick is Brave.
49 months ago
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Theirs a dupe!! It's maybelline's matte lipstick called touch or spice

deannaiashia 49 months ago
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I'm gonna have to get that! Heck yes. Thanks.

IndasiaK 49 months ago
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The lip pencil is Whirl
49 months ago
41 months ago
Not mentioned
I know this is the "line" of lipstick, and I'm very certain that this is the correct lipstick color too.
43 months ago
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Lip liner could be Mac staunchly stylist

avatar imageojrsln 43 months ago

You can find it at Dillard's

avatar imageliz_bety67 45 months ago

It's Mac Brave

avatar imagepotterhead 47 months ago

Looks a little like Twig.

avatar imagefashiionistah 47 months ago

Its close

avatar imagemiyahmiyah4411 47 months ago


avatar imageevitak 48 months ago

I know the lipliner and its SOAR by MAC

avatar imagesamkelly 48 months ago

soar lippencil and kinda sexy lipstick i guess

avatar imagealoisaa 48 months ago

Lip pencil in colour soar and Mac lipstick in colour brave

avatar imagelinddii 49 months ago

Hello,Can you suscribe on my profil please :)

avatar imageGlams 49 months ago

Hello,Can you suscribe on my profil please :)

avatar imageGlams 49 months ago

what i think u should do is go to a mac store or a mall that sells mac cosmetics and try to show a mac cosmetics artist if she or he knows what lipstick and lip pencil she used

avatar imageposionbites 50 months ago


avatar imagePrincess0104 52 months ago

Matte black nail polish

avatar imageGORGEOUSECRET 52 months ago

Mac Brave lipstick with Soar lip liner

avatar imageerrin.brits 42 months ago

The lipliner is in "Soar" and the lipstick is in "Twig" :)

avatar imagecarroly 45 months ago

The color for this nyx retractable lip liner and soft matte lip cream is called tokyo

avatar imagemiyahmiyah4411 47 months ago

MAC Soar Lip Liner and Brave Lipstick

avatar imageElenaMcn 48 months ago

mac lippencil soar, mac lipstick brave

avatar imageelfje1994 49 months ago

yup! soar lip liner & brave lipstick

avatar imageecokes 51 months ago

MAC lip pencil and matte lipstick. just go on MAC.com and you'll find all the shades!

avatar imageabcdefghilmnopq 52 months ago


avatar imagebuz242 53 months ago

Both you'll get at MÄC and the lipstick is called "brave". :)

avatar imagefashion_lox 42 months ago

Mac "soar" lip liner

avatar imageGORGEOUSECRET 52 months ago

MAC Lipliner- Soar, MAC Lipstick- Brave SAME!!!!!

avatar imagelola18 52 months ago

This looks very similiar to my lipstick & pencil set from MAC. The lipstick is called Viva Glam II and the pencil is called Subculture. The color might be a little darker than the picture, but not much!

avatar imageOrangeX 47 months ago

Soar lipliner and brave lipstick by mac.

avatar imagechiavra 52 months ago

The color is called "brave" by MAC :)

avatar imagefashion_lox 50 months ago

It's from @fortheloveofmakeupbaby on Instagram. The liner is Soar. The lipstick is Brave.

avatar image42.TiNK 53 months ago

The lipstick is twig

avatar imagesydneyavian 53 months ago

Mac soar lip linear and Mac brave lipstick

avatar imagekim_mur 48 months ago

Lipliner- Soar (my personal favorite)
Lipstick- Brave

avatar imageFucksteph 53 months ago

Whirl from Mac is the lip pencil

avatar imagemich3113yy 53 months ago
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