fabfameandfortune: A close match to what either Kendall or Kylie is wearing
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fabfameandfortune: A close match to what either Kendall or Kylie is wearing

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48 months ago
Not mentioned
Little pricy for me, but I think these are the ones on the left.
51 months ago
Motel Rocks
Kylie originally wore it in Pink, but there's no more pink available. You can get it Black, White or Blue at that Page. And today is in sale. So what was 80.00 today is 30.00 -- Kendall wore it in Blue too.
65 months ago
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By the soles the shoes look like Christian Louboutins.

avatar imageChloe. 60 months ago

I think the exact is from motel rocks but last time I checked they didn't have it anymore

avatar imagekatieshep 60 months ago

Kendall's is the Motel Goldie Dress in Dusky Pink Hexagon (From Motel Rocks • Sold Out) .
Kylie's is the Motel Bodycon Dress in Dusky Pink (Also From Motel Rocks • Sold Out) .
Sorry !

avatar imageOddFuschia 62 months ago

I bought mine from http://www.theluxuriousangels.com/shop.html !

avatar imagebrunetteluxe 63 months ago

The one on the right is called elsa cap sleeve bodycon dress. The one on the left is goldie motel mini mesh dress. Both are from motel rocks. They might not sell it there anymore so you might have to type it into your search engine.

avatar imageserendipity17 52 months ago

both from motel rocks but sold out

avatar imagepreshyy 65 months ago

they are both from motel rocks but i cant find em :/

avatar imagepreshyy 66 months ago
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