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59 months ago
Nasty Gal
Shop super cute caged crop tops now at
Nasty Gal
62 months ago
62 months ago
Not mentioned
you can fray the bottom edges of the shorts if thats the look ur going for
59 months ago
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avatar image29499650700

avatar image29499650700


Tops on Amazon

avatar imagenaomi|cambridge

From brandy Melville:)

avatar imageVrenska

avatar imageCofikaCof

avatar imagenaomiisbae

Try Grandy Melville

avatar imageJade_ly

Where are both tops from?!

avatar imagecaoimhe2

avatar imageHayBee

at awesome world

avatar imagenachtgewitter

avatar imageVanilla Closet


avatar imageVanilla Closet

Brandy melville !

avatar imagepauliend

Love the tops!!!

avatar imageJasmineec99

Brandy melville :)

avatar imageLola_wolf

I think the tops : Brandy Melville

avatar imageSoso3110

They are Levi shorts, can be found at in the vintage renewal section

avatar imagemakemyday

brandy melville

avatar imageelinef

Brandy Melville

avatar imagelior46

From Brandy Melville but they're bras, not bikini tops

avatar imagebig-meowth

they look a lot like the brandy melville crop tops :)

avatar imagewainamcheung

Yes brandymelville or Tally Weilj :)

avatar imageophelyy

Runwaydreamz has awesome shorts!

avatar imagea-beyer

The bralettes are both from Brandy Melville. The one on the right is the chiyo. :)

avatar imageshopaddict

Similar in black at LookBookStore (in swimwear) :)

avatar imagesandrinev-l

Similar at Tobi :)

avatar imagesandrinev-l

both tops are from brandy Melville
the one on the right you can get at Forever21 for about half the price<---- TOTALLY worth it these tops are amazing and great quality!!!

avatar imagesophiaa.lynne

Brandy Melville

avatar imageskylxrfaith

avatar imagederjulieyang

I think the shorts are from levi's

avatar imagetirzadehaas

The bandeus are from brandy Melville

avatar imagesaga_i

Forever 21

avatar imagexiisa

They are from BrandyMelville but they aren't Bikinis

avatar imageJoooy.99

Brandy Melville (:

avatar imagemalinmeb

the top is from forever 21

avatar imagezerasimi


avatar imagefashionispassion

You can buy them at

avatar imageleonieduarte

Brandy melvile but maybe anywhere cheaper or alike?

avatar imagefabuluce

Brandy melville

avatar imagelizwilliams1

You can diy these(:

avatar imageZahraSarwari

Levi's shorts, maybe jeans cyt

avatar imagejeanne__jeanne

Does anyone know if a bikini in this kind of model exists?

avatar imagefabuluce

Their from brandy melville :)

avatar imageMakayla_Augusta


avatar imageDanika22

The tops are from Brandy Melville ;)

avatar imagemaddyd1234

The right one is from Brandy Melville, I am searching for the left one...

avatar imageDap

brandy Melville

avatar imagenyamccastlee

Brandy Melville :)

avatar imagemariecarolinelocquet

avatar imagenhazard for $4

avatar imageTaniya101

Go to my account, i have liked these for only $2

avatar imageHannabjork123

brandy melville

avatar imagexRianne22

the shorts are levies just look there

avatar imagecaylabb

i got one at forever 21 for $5.00

avatar imagemisslialove

brandy melville

avatar imageidamaria

Les t-shirts sont a brandy Melville en blanc comme en noir

avatar imagemathilde2598

avatar imageLexieLikeAStorm

The tops are Brandy Melville

avatar imageserenadp

brandy melville

avatar imageidamaria

Brandy Melville has the one on the right in white and black

avatar imagerachelgroff

you can get those at pepperknot

avatar imagebeagqs

They look like Vintage Levi's

avatar imagelauren.ballard.927

both tops are from

avatar imagesophiaa.lynne

tally weijl

avatar imageniamh_scally

Brandy Melville

avatar imagesafi_abdelwahab

They are Levi's and if you search high waisted Levi shorts on etsy you can find them

avatar imagecarebear88

Brandy melville:)

avatar imageleonie_mser

Brandy melville:)

avatar imageleonie_mser

holy shit stop posting there are enough tips

avatar imagedeweyl

Brandy melville chiyo top they're selling it in black right now but f21 has cuter patterns

avatar imageHalf_Moon_Kid

They are the similar one on

avatar imagebrooklynlee

Hollister has the same shorts also

avatar imageshequenag

They're not swimwear they're brandi Melville bandos. They are super cheap and you get them in black too

avatar imageHeyitsA123

How to do it yourself:

avatar imageanonymous

Brandy Melville :-)

avatar imageanonymous

They're Levi's so if you go to a thrift shop & find some high waisted pants you could easily cut them into high waisted shorts. Wash them a couple times & they are perf

avatar imagemtouriel1

They are bralettes from brandy melville (:

avatar imageHalf_Moon_Kid

Brandy & Melville the one on the right, for like 18$

avatar imageIzzyBlueSky

Both are from Brandy Melville! xoxo

avatar imageWillowRain

They have a white & a black you brandy Melville

avatar imagenyamccastlee

They are from Brandy Melville :)

avatar imageLiLaLiebe

avatar imagerinar

Brandy Melville!

avatar imageMergarcia3 have similar items.

avatar imageEwe

Brandy melville !

avatar imageCamille_dp

The shorts are Levi's and you can buy them from like etsy etc.

avatar imageAlicealund

brandy melville


Urban Outfitters

avatar imageLanaBanana

avatar imagelunetoon

I got that same top at 2 for 20$

avatar imageFlawless-Wallis

Brandy Mellville are known for both tops

avatar imageChi2diana

Brandy Melville tops

avatar imagelivy.jimenez

The top is from Brandy melville

avatar imageektapatel95

They are Levi shorts.

avatar imageCandyGreen

I've got the right one in black, bought it at Brandy Melville this summer

avatar imageVief

Search for Levis jeansshorts on etsy

avatar imagesaga_i

The one on the right you can get at brandy Melville and I think even garage sells them now

avatar imageceleste.leung

Those bralettes are from Brandy Melville!

avatar imageGabiC

it's actually a bandeau-thing and it's from Brandy Melville :)

avatar imagenojustno

You can get High Waisted Short at American apparel or exactly those from the picture, which are from Levis at urban Outfitters :)

avatar imageLiLaLiebe

The tops are from

avatar imagegymnastmaddi9

Brandy melville.

avatar imagemollyl1

Both from Brandy Melville

avatar imagex-kaz

They're bandeaus and both of them are from Brandy Melville

avatar imageaka.boring

Both are from Brandy Melville :)

avatar imageHM_x
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