harriettewalkerclark: I'd really love to know where this dress is from, I found it on Instagram and fell in love with it!
harriettewalkerclark: I'd really love to know where this dress is from, I found it on Instagram and fell in love with it!

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This one I found is a bit like the dress. It might help :)
59 months ago
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ah very nice dress too, thanks :)

RosanneWearsTimbs 59 months ago
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I am selling a dress with this material but it's is longer and strapless . for the price of $250

Kattie_121 55 months ago
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they sold it a few years ago at H&M

avatar imageworldwidewanderlust 46 months ago

H&M Divided

avatar imagelover_ 46 months ago

where do you get this?

avatar imagehellayas 50 months ago

Where can I get this at ?

avatar imagekeiteramack 50 months ago

I've seen this dress in H&M before so try there!

avatar imagecayliarmstrong 60 months ago

Where can i get this??

avatar imagejulissa2010 50 months ago

I saw a dress like this on DIY dresses and missy dress

avatar imagesibby_xox 54 months ago

check my profile all the info is there .

avatar imageKattie_121 54 months ago

I went to both sites mentioned and couldn't find this exact dress.. American link?

avatar imagem411811 58 months ago

Its a dress from the H&M, it was in the party/christmas collection from the year 2012..

avatar imageLNijhuis 59 months ago

it's from h&m but I think they no longer sell it

avatar imageLeanaMarie 55 months ago

I have this dress from H&M but it's the old collection

avatar imagesandra.toethuis@gmail.com 54 months ago

I have this exact one and its from H&M (: !

avatar imagealicejanred 60 months ago

The exact Dress is from H&M but it's unavailable now!

avatar imageKawaiiOutfits 68 months ago

H&M had this in autumn. I tried it on but I looked like a fish :D

avatar imageievaLeo 68 months ago


avatar imagecarina.n.rosa 57 months ago

Actually this dress is from h&m fall 2012

avatar imagemjackiewicz 59 months ago


avatar imagenicole.haider.77 59 months ago
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