alina: Embroidery Flowers Sheer Ruffled Layered Evening Tank Dress
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alina: Embroidery Flowers Sheer Ruffled Layered Evening Tank Dress

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You can get this dress on wish for $42. Love the dress btw:)

avatar imageJalyn.Pearce 37 months ago

I was looking for this dress for a long time, too, then I found it and immediately bought it. Unfortunately I must say it's trash, very poor quality and fit for a child, absolutely no bust measurements... Might have been a cheap fake from some scam website, but I would not recommend it! Not as nice as in the pic, by far! ):

avatar imageChrosh 46 months ago

high quality in stock:http://www.luulla.com/product/286975/high-quality-pretty-blue-organza-dress-with-embroidery-blue-knee-length-dress-with-embroidery

avatar imageLoveLife 47 months ago


avatar imagesveaa 50 months ago

Pink or nude heels

avatar imagemyalunalopez 53 months ago


avatar imageDreamShop 55 months ago

Also Amazon.com I think it's about $60

avatar imagemerdeath 59 months ago


avatar imagemerdeath 59 months ago


avatar imagemarije.terra 61 months ago


avatar imageblancathecrazygirl 61 months ago


avatar imageLachieuz 62 months ago

I'm sure on Instagram someone said this was from topshop but I can't find it on there, so either they got it wrong or possibly it's sold out

avatar imagebella_bartlett2 62 months ago

This outfit is cute but it could have jewelry

avatar imageuniqe 58 months ago


avatar imagemerdeath 59 months ago


avatar imagesara.rozman.1 61 months ago


avatar imagemarije.terra 62 months ago
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