OlyaK and 531 more want to know where to get this skirt
pink pink skirt strapless dress skirt mini skirt zip tight skirt button up shirt bow belt zip-up belt dress zip-up skirt button-up top grey top two-piece bow button beaded pearl buttons white grey blouse noeud clothes bows top dress ribbon summer tank top pencil skirt strapless waist belt cream girly cute creme skirt creme bow belt fashion party zip diamonds girl beautiful mini dress beige dress black pink bow cuteashell grey top cute skirt bodycon dress grey elegant pretty bow light grey lace bow nude pink skirt bows cute dress neutral short short dress nude tan skirt green shirt exact same one green pink bow dress
OlyaK and 531 more want to know where to get this skirt

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Tht belt isn't even on the website

myatumbler1 54 months ago
Dr. Jays
its on sale right now. Reg price was $28.00
56 months ago
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Do you know where to find the top for it?:o

KatieRenee 59 months ago
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Do you know where can I get that dress?????

ninoska.ramos.948 55 months ago
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Thank you!

KatieRenee 59 months ago
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this is simply unique and a risky choice with the zipper in the front of the skirt and the bow with pearls ???

avatar imageKalinGrace 52 months ago

I got this same belt last year at wet seal

avatar imagecarrie.may.355 60 months ago

where did you get the skirt?

avatar imagemissy1991 68 months ago

The belt you can get at Discovery stores. I have one.

avatar imagespudbear13 61 months ago

H&m had this last summer. I don't know if they still have it now but you should check.

avatar imageEfclo 69 months ago


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