alexisldelfino and 1046 more want to know where to get these shoes
neon bright sneakers colorblock bikini blue bikini neon bikini fitness body goals nike sneakers nike running shoes nike colorful swimwear beach green sneakers shorts. top. running outfit. shoes. bright colors swimwear neon swimsuit these exact colours swimwear shoes swimwear bright style fashion workout sunglasses sneakers summer tan hot bikini bottoms bikini top neon yellow & white neon shoes neon swimwear triangl cute weather lovely weather sexy neon swimwear body cute bikini bright neon bikini i have to have this colorful sporty    swimwear colorful swimwear bright green patches bikini nike yellow neon yellow bright yellow colorful green gym sexy nike shoes neon green neon pink turquoise black
alexisldelfino and 1046 more want to know where to get these shoes

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paigetelley 55 months ago
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Where are her trainers from can anyone let me know?! :)

harlieleonia 55 months ago
That bikini looks vaguely Triangl-ish, couldn't find the same colour combination though
44 months ago
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Just Stunning. I love it

avatar imageSivalya 22 months ago

you can find the shoes at any Jimmy jazz modells or foot locker but they might not have that color

avatar imagebarbie0532 43 months ago

Im pretty sure you used to be able to get this at target but you cant anymore

avatar imageknives 45 months ago

Damn this shit went viral. I see this bathing suit everywhere

avatar imagequeen4_lyfe23 39 months ago

I would love to have this girl as a girlfriend

avatar imageBreanna.love 44 months ago

its from target

avatar imageknives 45 months ago

They sell this at target

avatar imageHelMels 47 months ago

Does anybody know where to get the bottoms too

avatar imagenikkinakkash 54 months ago

When to get the swim wear

avatar imagesynthia 55 months ago

This is from the target 2014 bikini line! (:

avatar imagenatalierapach 46 months ago


avatar imageaff10 52 months ago

Tarjayyyy target

avatar imagemiisfits 55 months ago

Which it is the correct model number of those nike shoes?, thanks.

avatar imagedon_juan_76 54 months ago


avatar imagemiisfits 55 months ago


avatar imagesilaviat 55 months ago

I am at Target and just found it!!!!!!

avatar imageLexiV97 55 months ago

It's from target.

avatar imageayooitst 55 months ago
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