__your_destiny and 444 more want to know where to get these jewels
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__your_destiny and 444 more want to know where to get these jewels

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Here's the white opal necklace
70 months ago
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http://vraxioli.com/en/handmade-jewels/semi-precious-stones-necklaces/ 9€

avatar imageiridoula 70 months ago

Regalrose (on Internet) have some of them :)

avatar imageanna.sardin 70 months ago

brandy melville ! but it' sold out ...

avatar imagemarineeh78 70 months ago

http://vraxioli.com/en/handmade-jewels/semi-precious-stones-necklaces/ you could find them here for 9.00 € with chain

avatar imageiridoula 71 months ago

Where can I get one in a choker?

avatar imagexdaniexo 73 months ago


avatar imageanonymous 76 months ago

You can find a white necklase at accessories

avatar imageelissabader 76 months ago

Really cheap on eBay! :)

avatar imageJaymieNicole 76 months ago

BOHOMOON.COM has a bunch! Of crystals and a bunch of other cool things like crystal balls necklaces and ect very cool

avatar image___NV 77 months ago

On bohomoon.com are thousands of them :)

avatar imagejaaasmiiinnn 73 months ago

These are actually necklaces and you can get them at brandy melville :)

avatar imagekated 77 months ago

Hey ! I've seen a youtuber "Melon Lady" is wear them. You can get them on http://www.lostatseajewellery.co.uk/

avatar imageHippieUnicorn 78 months ago
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