Taryn_Curtis: pleaese i love this so muchh xo
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Taryn_Curtis: pleaese i love this so muchh xo

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exact! (: not sure why I instantly got directed to the UK site but it's also available on the regular US site.
70 months ago
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You can get this from valleygirl as well but they don't have an online store

livv_wright 66 months ago
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avatar imagegianna.nepola 60 months ago

Urban outfitters had this shirt last year might be on clearance now

avatar imagealyrieff 61 months ago

you can get this sbirt at urban out fitters for $29 or you can make it a diy video on how to make it is on the berriebarely youtube channel!!

avatar imagefashioninacan 56 months ago

saw one in platos closet for $8

avatar imagepayytonn 57 months ago

I got one at Target but I think they don't have it anymore.

avatar imagegabiella 59 months ago

You can also get this at valley girl for only $15 and you can get it in black or grey. :D

avatar imageOceanSurf 59 months ago

This is from urban outfitters, 30£

avatar imageOlgavdBerg 60 months ago

I got it at Ross for $9!

avatar imageMadi_bug97 58 months ago


avatar imageEmiiheartplay 59 months ago

Urban outfitters, old collection tho

avatar imagejulia_gutlich 60 months ago

I saw these shirts at Ross today for very very cheap!

avatar imagerandiande 61 months ago

www.lovejunkie.com has similar cute shirts :)

avatar imageIvoryCoast 62 months ago

In Australia you can purchase this for about $15 at ValleyGirl, in either black or grey

avatar imagesarahelizabethp 63 months ago

American apparel

avatar imagenyamccastlee 69 months ago

I have this shirt! I live in Canada and I bought it online at urbanoutfitters.com

avatar imageOriginalmissbri 62 months ago

You can get the same one at brandy melville :)

avatar imagejill_fentiman 65 months ago

you can get it from ASOS Fashion Finder. Under daisy cropped tee.

avatar imageForever_a_princess 66 months ago
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