Missmarie: Where can I find these shoes?
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Missmarie: Where can I find these shoes?

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This link should work, and these are exact
64 months ago
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Yes they are I just ordered a pair :)

HEELADDICT 64 months ago
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Can I please have that url were u got then

thecroulets 64 months ago
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Thats the link above it works

HEELADDICT 64 months ago
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nicky46663 59 months ago
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mary.gallegos.338 59 months ago
you may be interested in there, they have a lot of other styles aswell
65 months ago
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sammii.jo.3 65 months ago
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I do customs check my page out on ig @klook.fly.kidd

avatar images.j_customs 14 months ago

Anyone know what site I can get these ?

avatar imagechubs0107@yahoo.com 42 months ago

Thx SteshaC

avatar imageDustee 45 months ago

I love these shoes for my mom I don't care if they are real or not it is nice for my mom for a birthday gift or for Christmases

avatar imageyadira.mejia3409 46 months ago

These aren't real Jordan's. Someone just customized some heels. Try etsy. People make custom heels there.

avatar imageSteshaC 46 months ago

Love them

avatar imageDustee 46 months ago

Air Jordan's

avatar imagehalliegoodman6 50 months ago


avatar imageTHE_REBEL 53 months ago

I think someone made those, people do rhinestone designs on shoes. Find someone who can bedazzle.

avatar imagemeganleann 54 months ago

the URL does not work

avatar imagedaniel.wilson26 64 months ago

I've tried 4 times....the page nevet comes up. If yours is working, please paste url. Thanks

avatar imagevanice.blackman 64 months ago

Air jordans

avatar imageanaissturges 50 months ago

they are custom shoes by Jayy Stephens on fb and @jazzy_jess00 on IG. I think she charges $500 not sure though

avatar imageroxilla01 61 months ago
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