ellacharlottebooth and 2 more want to know where to get these pants
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ellacharlottebooth and 2 more want to know where to get these pants

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J. crew cameron slim crop pants    i so wanted to love these highly reviewed pants from j.crew, but they were not a good fit on me. the cameron pants are very stretchy, and stretchy is not always my friend when it comes to work appropriate pants. these pants clung to my thighs and it wasn’t cute. i also tried these trousers and let’s just say they fit me like those bad juicy sweatpants all the girls used to wear. they where so tight in my thighs and bottom, loose in the waist and belled pretty dramatically from the knee. they look so polished on the model – not on me
11 days ago
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Halogen ankle pants  i first tried these pants in a trunk from trunk club and was on the fence about them. they had a really nice fit, and were fairly comfortable. i initially sent them back, but then requested them again after feeling like i should give them one more try. the second time around i ultimately decided they weren’t worth their price tag. the fabric is very stretchy, similar to pixie pants, and i didn’t think they would wash well. since i didn’t keep them and wear them, i can’t personally say they don’t wash well, but there were plenty of reviews online that said so
11 days ago
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Old navy pixie pants these are very popular, and i’ll be honest, i have a few hanging in my closet, i’ve worn them a few times on the blog. i like the fit overall, aside from the fact they’re a little too tight in my thighs. however, what i don’t love about pixie pants is the quality. they’re great for a few wears, but wash them once and they really just don’t look as nice anymore. i have a few lighter pairs that i’ve been able to hold onto, because the fading wasn’t as obvious, but i also have a navy and a black pair that i was only able to get a few wears out of
11 days ago
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Skip list – petite pants for pear shapes i told you i tried a ton of styles on, and in the end loft was the winner. i’ll tell you what i didn’t love about the other popular petite brands i tried, keep in mind just because they weren’t the best fit on my shape, doesn’t mean they aren’t great for you

avatar imageellacharlottebooth 11 days ago

Where to buy the best petite pants for a pear shaped woman we all have our fit issues, if you’re shaped anything like me, it’s not only being short, but having some hips and thighs too. so, for me, the absolute best place to buy pants is loft! what about you? what’s your favorite

avatar imageellacharlottebooth 11 days ago