didilety0uknow and 565 more want to know where to get these shorts
shorts sweater flower crown mini shorts white sandals short sweatshirt rainbow colored grey lazy day denim shorts oversized sweater outfit shoes hat t-shirt cute colorful girly summer tie dye cool goth pants fancy pants tie dye tank top shirt cropped sweater High waisted shorts denim rainbow shorts hair accessory rainbowshorts ripped shorts grunge retro sweet colored shorts top sunglasses blouse blue large oversized jeans tie dye pastel short
didilety0uknow and 565 more want to know where to get these shorts

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45 months ago
46 months ago
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You can probably make them yourself for less. take a pair of shirts or cut-offs, bleach them white, and use dye to color them. to get them that pastel, you'd probably have to shortly (very shortly) bleach them after the dye is dried to fade it out.
44 months ago
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These outfit is already on the site
66 months ago
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sexystopher 60 months ago
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  • blouse
  • cardigan
  • coat
  • dress
  • jacket
  • jeans
  • jumpsuit
  • leggings
  • pajamas
  • pants
  • romper
  • shirt
  • shorts
  • skirt
  • socks
  • sweater
  • swimwear
  • t-shirt
  • tank top
  • tights
  • top
  • underwear
  • bag
  • belt
  • earphones
  • gloves
  • hair accessory
  • hat
  • home accessory
  • jewels
  • phone cover
  • scarf
  • shoes
  • sunglasses
  • make-up
  • nail accessories
  • nail polish
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I think that they dyed the shorts

avatar imagesoyyemillk 11 months ago

how to dye shorts multicolor YouTube

avatar imagemarcogaby1 46 months ago

It's simulare to the one on the picture

avatar imageLa.Lo 46 months ago


avatar imageLa.Lo 46 months ago

you can certainly do it yourself
maybe if you write "rainbow shorts DIY" on YouTube. sorry I can't help you anymore

avatar imagerehanerolland 46 months ago

You can get a flower crown at Claire's or make it

avatar imagemili_mermaid 60 months ago

Sandals: @bcbgeneration

avatar imagedidilety0uknow 67 months ago

Shorts: @lonelyclothingco

avatar imagedidilety0uknow 67 months ago

These shorts are €38 on etsy.com :) xxx

avatar imageRebAnderson 60 months ago
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