edenbrownxox8 and 605 more want to know where to get these jeans
jeans zendaya baggy jeans shirt baggy cowboy old school vintage tommy hilfiger shoes blue jeans tommy hilfiger hipster zendaya swag urban sweater tommy hilfiger baggy pants denim old school gangsta ganster gangsta rap made me do it girly grunge crop tops tank top black blouse jewels trendy tomboy tomboy/femme style blue jeans high waisted jeans american apparel bag clothes boyfriend jeans love culture tommy hilfiger hilfigure tommy hilfigure nike air force 1 black crop top pants 90s style i'd like to know where to get this whole outfit pants low waisted large pants
edenbrownxox8 and 605 more want to know where to get these jeans

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Bleached Rolled Boyfriend jeans. All sizes. Also sell plain jeans like in the photo upon request for $30.
57 months ago
58 months ago
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omg <3<3<3

avatar imageniki.x3 30 months ago

look at mens jeans in trift shops

avatar imageyuuki.mccross 54 months ago


avatar imageMyahHolder 58 months ago


avatar imageShopTrendyOnline 60 months ago

Cocaine high tops whites you can purchase them at footlocker

avatar imagequeenyjazz 61 months ago

Or you can buy a time machine and go back to 1996 lol jk jk! :D

avatar imageNessmar 57 months ago

I mean hilfiger jeans

avatar imageMyahHolder 58 months ago

thrift store

avatar imagebyjeanty 59 months ago


avatar imageaisha_zaid 60 months ago

Go to your local goodwill or thrift store

avatar imageLordxMe 60 months ago

there a tommy Hiflinger jeansm

avatar imageMyahHolder 58 months ago

Tommy Hilfiger

avatar imageevess 61 months ago

Don't know the exact jeans but you can get Levi 501's that are pretty similar to those or some MOM jeans from topshop.com

avatar imagetoniannalliahw 60 months ago
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