nobodysvirgin and 3 more want to know where to get this blouse
nobodysvirgin and 3 more want to know where to get this blouse

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Also, i guess while we’re here i can address another question i got a lot about what bra to wear under silk blouses. it’s not much of a problem with the navy, but the cream blouses can be tough. you can’t see the bra i’m wearing at all in the photos , but you 100% can with the “wrong” bra. the trick is to find one that is super smooth and seamless. i find that a more full-coverage bra works best so it’s smooth all the way over, versus a slimmer cut which cuts through the middle of your breast. i have no idea if that makes sense, but it’s best when the lines aren’t front and center– everything will just appear smoother or even non-existent! this is the bra i wear almost every single day… but it does not work with light colored blouses because of where the lace is. instead, i wear this in a nude that matches my skin color
3 months ago
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j. crew’s sleeveless open v-neck top
3 months ago
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My exact blouse is no longer available , but i did find some similar options

avatar imagenobodysvirgin 3 months ago