anonymous and 297 more want to know where to get these pants
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anonymous and 297 more want to know where to get these pants

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These are gilly hicks sweat pants you can find them in any mall. Hollister and Abercrombie also have similar sweatpants because they are all the same stores just different names.
53 months ago
Gilly Hicks
I think it is a Gilly Hicks sweatpant, don't find exactly the model of your photo but a similar one. It is an Abercrombie & Fitch brand
68 months ago
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Thanks :)

eevipauliina 57 months ago
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It says item is sold out

jl.jaworska 55 months ago
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Not mentioned
It is from Gilly Hicks, but the they don't have this one at the time. And the bow isn't originally on the sweatpants.
Here is a similar :)
61 months ago
Gilly Hicks
The grey pants shown in the picture were most likely pajama pants because almost all of Gilly Hicks pj's have a stain/silk bow closing.
61 months ago
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where can I get these

avatar imageL0nd0ns_finest 51 months ago


avatar imagetxnyaa@gmail.com 53 months ago

GILLY HICKS makes these but I don't think they have any more.

avatar imagerea.charles.94 57 months ago

Gilly hicks but old one

avatar imageLilbeth 59 months ago

Gilly Hicks

avatar imagewhere_to_get_it 68 months ago


avatar imageFashion_Ave 60 months ago

Gilly hicks at hollister.com

avatar imagebebesquid632 61 months ago

It's from gilly hicks :)

avatar imagelena~ 57 months ago

Here are some similar sweatpants from the same deisigner! :) I can't find any with ribbons on the website but because of the way they're made you could always buy some ribbon and thread it through the waistband of he pants! :) It'll look awesome http://uk.gillyhicks.com/shop/uk/shop-all-bottoms-skinny-sweatpants/gilly-hicks-velour-vintage-skinny-sweatpant-1855072_01

avatar imageKawaiiOutfits 61 months ago
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