ChanelFuneral: Its so cute and I already have a shirt to match.
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ChanelFuneral: Its so cute and I already have a shirt to match.

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Pink Tartan Spring 2013 RTW Skirt
59 months ago
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The exact skirt but different color. It will be tough to find one now but maybe ebay will have one. Good luck!

sheriblsm 59 months ago
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The bralet top was designed by CATHERINE MALANDRINO. It was at NYFW last year so I doubt it still being sold.
64 months ago
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The bandeau is by Catherine Malandrino and the skirt is by Pink Tartan, hope that helps!

avatar imagekimber.owle 64 months ago

a bandeau top from Catherine Malandrino (spring/summer 2013) and a skirt from Pink Tartan

avatar imageCitchaChe 68 months ago

it's by catherine malandrino

avatar imageCreated by Fortune 55 months ago

It's Catherine Malandrino Spring 2013 RTW bra top. Amazon used to sell it but it'll be tough to buy one now. You might have luck on ebay.

avatar imagesheriblsm 59 months ago

The white bandeau was from Catherine Malandrino black label spring 2013 collection. Hope this helps!!!:)

avatar imagejtiny 64 months ago

Lana's wearing a top by Catherine Malandrino. And a skirt by Pink Tartan. If you do some digging into these designers, you may be able to find these items. Good luck! :)

avatar imagenasynia.jones 65 months ago
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