cherryfloss and 1122 more want to know where to get this swimwear
swimwear crop tops corset floral bow crochet lace bandeau bikini blouse nail polish shirt color/pattern summer High waisted shorts underwear bralette bralette bustier crop tops swimwear sea tank top cute t-shirt pretty skirt bustier bows wow funny spring colorful top haut blanc dentelle noeud bleu belly top belly t-shirt bandeau top bralette lace top floral crochet mint denim these tops girly pretty bandea hipster bandeau bra bandeu top fashion white crop orange tie up top corset bustier crop top tank top tank top short bra bralete turquoise sexy teenagers red pink flowers studs embellishment pearl pearl straps straps strappy strapless blue elastic elastic acted blue crop top floral crop top bow crop top clothes lace crop top
cherryfloss and 1122 more want to know where to get this swimwear

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this is a bow top
70 months ago
Not mentioned
This is similar to the white cropped top at the top on the right side
74 months ago
Not mentioned
she has a bunch of designs!
87 months ago
Not mentioned
theres a bunch of colors
87 months ago
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  • blouse
  • cardigan
  • coat
  • dress
  • jacket
  • jeans
  • jumpsuit
  • leggings
  • pajamas
  • pants
  • romper
  • shirt
  • shorts
  • skirt
  • socks
  • sweater
  • swimwear
  • t-shirt
  • tank top
  • tights
  • top
  • underwear
  • bag
  • belt
  • earphones
  • gloves
  • hair accessory
  • hat
  • home accessory
  • jewels
  • phone cover
  • scarf
  • shoes
  • sunglasses
  • make-up
  • nail accessories
  • nail polish
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Where can I get all these?

avatar imagechelsea.whitestone 87 months ago


avatar imageDisney_princesses 68 months ago

Charlotte Russe

avatar imagetrishlee 75 months ago


avatar imagejoselyn_anahy 78 months ago

Found a few from these on bevutrend.com

avatar imageBevuTrend 78 months ago

The two end ones in the bottom row are from pacsun

avatar imagebrittanybrooks 81 months ago

the white lace tank top on the right(bottom) ive seen in new look

avatar imagebethany_kat 81 months ago

Which one?.......

avatar imageMaddyCat 68 months ago


avatar imagenadzngo 86 months ago


avatar imagemorgie 74 months ago

The one on the very bottom left corner is from F21, I'm not too sure if they're still selling it. I got mine around may of 2013

avatar imageashleybreann 78 months ago

I have the Bow top in black (Bottom middle) and i got it at a place called Fashion Q in OC. They had black white and pink. about 15 dollars. I cant find the store link but thats the top i have :/

avatar imagejackykvicky 88 months ago
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