Hazzacat1d and 225 more want to know where to get these shoes
shirt jeans ripped jeans leather black white chunky platform straight hair sweater t-shirt shoes grunge platform shoes high chunky heels high heels black t-shirt white t-shirt blouse chunky sole platform shoes white platforms top black jeans ripped holes black ripped jeans shoes black wedges clothes white shoes grunge shoes heels ripped skinny jeans skinny jeans tumblr outfit tumblr booties boots heel boots
Hazzacat1d and 225 more want to know where to get these shoes

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Jeffrey Campbell
Here is the same boot in black but it has the brand and name of boot so hopefully you can find a pair from that :)
45 months ago
Not mentioned
Available in all white at the link
53 months ago
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avatar imagejamievanvessem 48 months ago

I'm quite sure the jeans are from topshop :)

avatar imagejanapocalypse 50 months ago

i want those chunky boots she has on

avatar image-Avenly- 50 months ago


avatar imageNaturevalley 50 months ago

avatar imageemma-ella 55 months ago

if you wanna save some money you can rip an old pair of jeans on your own! on YouTube you can find a lot of video tutorials on how to do that, it's fun and easy:)

avatar imageabcdefghilmnopq 51 months ago

La moda theyre really cheap there xxx

avatar imagemaddiegrx 55 months ago

theyre from la moda uk

avatar imagechanelharry 55 months ago

theyre actually from la moda uk and the girl in the picture is elizabethjanebishop on ig elizabethbishp on twitter and elizabethjane on tumblr

avatar imagechanelharry 55 months ago

nastygal jeffrey campbells!

avatar imageMalloryToresdahl 55 months ago


avatar imageDreamShop 57 months ago
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