shopping4fun: where can I find this dress
shopping4fun: where can I find this dress

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Here is a cheaper one :)
66 months ago
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I bought the forever21 dress in a size small - it is sold out, so if anyone really wants it let me know ;)

meganleann 66 months ago
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How does it fit?

StephanieB89 66 months ago
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Oops, I meant to take that comment down because I sent it back, but it fit perfectly - I just couldn't get over the material :/
It fits like a tight small - even an xs - it had a nice cut to it too

meganleann 66 months ago
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hi meganleann, yes I want the dress you bought in small if someone hasn't already snatched it up

addyjune 65 months ago
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Sorry I sent it back :x

meganleann 65 months ago
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i want it email me shekeya8@aol.com

bbyqirlkeya13 59 months ago
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Or try

katiejo 56 months ago
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Any where beside stylebop.com they dont have it any more

liilii.beato 66 months ago
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66 months ago
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the picture here is wrong,but the link is correct :)

Acycaa 66 months ago
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I bought this dress for my bday last year and it was absolutely amazing! So much so that I've never been able to wear it sines and I cannot find a dress that rivals it for this years bday looool xx

Allgood14 54 months ago
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avatar imagelouise123montgomery 52 months ago


avatar imagesekabeee 56 months ago


avatar imagesosococo941 56 months ago

Herve leger

avatar imagegbolis12 57 months ago

Buy at www.dejaboutique.com

avatar imagelesley.batchelor.3 59 months ago


avatar imagemermaid_kokaine 61 months ago

Danny celebs dresses - Facebook

avatar imageangie.mckeown.5 62 months ago

Get this dress from celebboutique.com not this colour pink or purple it's in £115.

avatar imageleeanneh1990 55 months ago


avatar imagebeeeeee 56 months ago

Celeb Boutique

avatar imageEmma19 59 months ago


avatar imageIAMSHAUN_ 60 months ago

also here http://www.ebay.com/itm/Rainbow-Bandage-Bodycon-Celeb-Bandage-Dress-holiday-Towie-XS-M-L-Party-Dress-/261237647342

and here http://www.ebay.com/itm/NEW-Arrival-Rainbow-Bandage-bodycon-Dress-Womens-Strapless-Cocktail-Party-Dress-/121137376459

avatar imageAcycaa 66 months ago


avatar imagekatiejo 56 months ago

Herve leger

avatar imageviedes 59 months ago

Sammydress.com for 40$

avatar imagephendi 59 months ago

56€ buy - http://americanfashionstore.tictail.com/product/cocktail-colour

avatar imagenikol.kath 61 months ago
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