peri.howser.90 and 1759 more want to know where to get these shoes
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peri.howser.90 and 1759 more want to know where to get these shoes

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This seller has something similar.
54 months ago
This seller offers something similar to that in black and in red.
51 months ago
Not mentioned
I found black ones ! :D
56 months ago
Same design just not white
49 months ago
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how much ? where i can found ?

avatar imagestefano 47 months ago

how much ? where i can found ?

avatar imagestefano 47 months ago

how much ? where i can found ?

avatar imagestefano 47 months ago

It's the Roshe run royal floral

avatar imagesandrine.liminet 53 months ago

What is this roche run called?

avatar imageKurtis.Staiti 53 months ago


avatar imageselibavrlic 55 months ago

Tips are more then welcome.❤️❤️ (Lowest price please.)

avatar imagelacatalana 55 months ago

I think you can find it on footlocker

avatar imageSalmabieber 55 months ago

i really want these shoes... where to find them

avatar imagemilousse 57 months ago

Are there someone who knows where you can buy this shoe or to get these shoes?

avatar imageAnn-sofie 57 months ago

"Undefeeted" Thank you!! You are the best! :) I found what I wanted!

avatar imagesoniakru 57 months ago

Where could I buy this shoes?

avatar imagemeritoni 52 months ago

These are a custom made pair of Nike Roshe Run in all white. There are many people that will customise a pair of trainers for we recommend haveing a look at:


They sell great custom Roshe's

avatar imageParallel Fashion 54 months ago

nike.com, these were customized. It's around $115.

avatar imagenyssa.bowen 50 months ago

Look on etsy. There are multiple stores that do customized nike's.

avatar imagerenspill 57 months ago

Made on nikeid.com

avatar imagemcdonaldemma75 56 months ago

nike.com.... you just have to customize them to look like this... around $115 dollars

avatar imageayonaaa 53 months ago

Custom Nike Roshe Run "Supreme"

avatar imagemidcity_ant 49 months ago
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