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59 months ago
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It's this dress, but it's sold out. Maybe you like a similar style:
58 months ago
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Thanks for your help:)

esmeroque 58 months ago
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This was a Sass and Bide gown. I think it was about $700-1000 originally a few years old may be able to find a second hand one on eBay australia or international.

avatar imagepinkponytrotting 40 months ago

It's sass and bide 'any given Friday' it's for $870.00 but I couldn't find it in store sorry x

avatar imageelizaaaaaa 56 months ago

I think this dress is from sass & bide. Try it!

avatar imageannehodgins 57 months ago

The exact dress is by Sass & Bide, sadly it's a few years old now and can no longer be purchased :(

avatar imagejacinda 46 months ago

This is the Any Given Friday Dress/Silk Gown by Sass & Bide but is sold out as it came out in a 2012 collection sorry x

avatar imagejacinda 52 months ago

This dress is the 'Any Given Friday' dress by Sass & Bide but it is quite a few collections past now so I'm not sure where you could still purchase it sorry. It retailed for around $790 x

avatar imagejacinda 60 months ago

From Sass & Bide a long, long time ago.
Best bet is to probably try ebay or somewhere - good luck x

avatar imagejacinda 61 months ago

i found it... its crazy expensive and out of stock but gorgeous!!

avatar imagedani3656 61 months ago

This dress was $790!

avatar imageMunchingOwl 60 months ago

This dress is from the Sass & Bide 2012 collections so it may no longer be available.

avatar imagefashionchic54 60 months ago

It's the 'Any Given Friday' dress and it's by Sass & Bride! It's sold out everywhere but atleast you know the name and designer and you can keep an eye out on eBay or depop incase you're lucky :)

avatar imagecakelikeyonce 49 months ago

Pretty sure this is a Sass & bide dress, 2012. Hope this helps x

avatar imageelli_se 65 months ago

Sass & Bide's 'Any Given Friday' Dress.
All stores I have found have all been sold out so far unfortunatley.
But this one site has the black version left if that helps.
Good luck


avatar imagejacinda 67 months ago
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