sarahstu21 and 163 more want to know where to get these shoes
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sarahstu21 and 163 more want to know where to get these shoes

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Nike Roshe Run, customized by MindysLab. You can get all kinds of floral print & other designs, xx.
59 months ago
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Nessxxvi_ 56 months ago
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I have purchased want but how, I am French and I live in France and I am very interested, thank you very much to answer me and help me :)

avatar imagemarion95 51 months ago


avatar imageUndefeeted 54 months ago

Are these available in london? X

avatar imageBillie_C 58 months ago

Nike Rosherun "Supremo"

avatar imageforeigndreamz 58 months ago


avatar imageMarieSophie 58 months ago

Where can I get these exact shoes?

avatar imageDELAGARZA79 58 months ago

It's from Nike !

avatar imageeloise.villemagne 59 months ago

They don't exist (yet), they're customized, but might hit the stores. http://paintorthread.com/2013/09/30/custom-nike-roshe-run-supremo-by-kikeronincheese/

avatar imagemegamaud 61 months ago

yeah i tried to design mine and they don't have the floral design option. how can i get the floral ones???

avatar imagetootallthemodel 62 months ago

Nike id roshe run (you can design them yourself)

avatar imagemille.d.schmidt 62 months ago
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