fmartinas and 1049 more want to know where to get these shoes
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fmartinas and 1049 more want to know where to get these shoes

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Giuseppe Zanotti Leather Strappy Tie-Up Sandals
It's only available in Olive at the moment. Keep checking back Giuseppe Zanotti always bring back his shoes when they sell out.
57 months ago
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davidsonkim24 57 months ago
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Ou je peut trouver c chaussure

avatar imagelabrunette 56 months ago

Giuseppe Zanotti-Leather strapy Tie-up Sandals $1195

avatar imagenadine-twin 47 months ago

idk but they kinda look like Guiseppe Zanotti's

avatar imageiheartdrea 56 months ago

These are Giuseppe Zanotti. But sold out

avatar imagealeksandra.kuska.5 47 months ago

I don't know where these are sold but I bet if you go to Payless they will have shoes identical or similar to the ones there.

avatar imagelacey147852 48 months ago


avatar imagekrae1206 48 months ago

These are from Giuseppe zanotti

avatar imagejacqueline17 56 months ago


avatar imageTanishamc24 56 months ago

They're giuseppe zanotti! I hear they come in olive

avatar imagekasi925 56 months ago

These are Guiseppe Zanotti

avatar imageanonymous 56 months ago
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