ayagins: ladies, help a sista out.
ayagins: ladies, help a sista out.

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hilal611 56 months ago
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It's on sale for $189 now at promgirl.com

lexi.birkner 56 months ago
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It's no longer on that website, is there any other place you saw this dress at because I cant find it, but it's my dream dress.

JoannT 55 months ago
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I love this!❤️

tyieshaenoch19 51 months ago
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I want this dress!!! It's beautiful I want it to be my prom dress!

Wintana_Banana 49 months ago
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So do i its also my dream dress but i saw the picture on twitter

RedBulls 48 months ago
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yes,it is!

fashionlisa 36 months ago
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I'm getting this for my prom :) Well this one and the other one that looks just like it, I love this website!

If you want to know any other prom dress websites contact me, I know plenty!
63 months ago
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Thanks for the link! Do you have a link for the other dress you're getting?

jenturk1 63 months ago
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Yes I do

Shy.Glizzyyy 63 months ago
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Thank you so much I've been looking for this dress in months :)

eu_darcos 58 months ago
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You're welcome (:

Shy.Glizzyyy 57 months ago
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They're not in stock they're anymore.. Any places that has it?

yknwange 55 months ago
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I do Really need this dress for my prom, does anyone knows where i can buy it?

edisa 54 months ago
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Dumb question... Do someone know how to edit the tags?

hilariousxlife 54 months ago
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Do you still have this dress I could buy from you??

gabbie.manly 43 months ago
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Not mentioned
from $398 drop down to $199
63 months ago
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Anyone know where this dress is besides promgirl they say they are sold out

Leezam 55 months ago
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Is this dress anywhere else besides prom girl?

makenna0555 47 months ago
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you can find whatever dress in my shop, all from factory, good quality and cheap price

avatar imageanne2015 43 months ago


avatar imageOuarda 44 months ago


avatar imageOuarda 45 months ago


avatar imagefbecerra 45 months ago


avatar imagesara.rozman.1 46 months ago

this is not on promgirl where can i get it?

avatar imagebaybegihrl 48 months ago

hello, can you subscribe to my profile please

avatar imageGlams 50 months ago

Sorry guys!! Mu phone doesnt allow me to link ot properly. Just click on the price and it will take you to the page.

avatar imageCianaBrown 46 months ago

I wore this to my high school ball ! I got it off prom girl for about $500

avatar imagepamelasevic 48 months ago


avatar imagejlynjab 51 months ago

Back of prom dresses

avatar imagekierraharrish 56 months ago

Try Forever Unique

avatar imageEmma19 57 months ago

does anyone know where I can get this I am in desperate need its gorgeous! !!

avatar imagemirandamasarik 57 months ago


avatar imagemomo62695 57 months ago

jasz couture

avatar imageOuarda 53 months ago


avatar imagebailey_pearl 57 months ago

If you go to PromGirl.com or download the app on your phone you can find it there

avatar imagealexia.gerdes 55 months ago

Oops. simplydresses.com

avatar imagebailey_pearl 57 months ago


avatar imagepaigesmith95123 56 months ago

This is jasz couture dress

avatar imageAmarel 58 months ago
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