xsecretloveee and 284 more want to know where to get these jewels
jewels ring rose diamonds diamond ring wedding ring rose ring blouse engagement ring ring ring rose diamonte dimond lotus flower silver diamonds flowers beautiful roses wow nail accessories silver ring silver jewelry rings and jewelry rose shaped ring
xsecretloveee and 284 more want to know where to get these jewels

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Thank you, this is such a beautiful ring.

tasha❤️ 64 months ago
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Anywhereess ecpensive??

babyybear14 64 months ago
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Your welcome :-) and I could check somewhere else for it .

Love__A 64 months ago
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Here's the exact ring! 18K White Gold Milgrain Flower Rose Diamond Engagement ring! <3 Absolutely gorgeous but maybe a bit expensive :P Hope this helps! <3
74 months ago
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This is so beautiful, thanks <3

tasha❤️ 62 months ago
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there is a very similar ring on Amazon if you just search rose ring its Alot cheaper around twenty dollars

avatar imageRaina 74 months ago


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