wxynz and 5 more want to know where to get this sweater
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wxynz and 5 more want to know where to get this sweater

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Ralph lauren puffer coat: so sad that this thing is selling out so quickly. i bought it because i wanted to offer readers a more affordable cute puffer option, haha, and then it was like–poof!–gone. it’s available in more sizes here and here, though. and here in navy. love the toggle version, too! it’s super warm and it has an incredibly flattering fit
12 months ago
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Waterproof over-the-knee boots: love these because they’re leather, over-the-knee, and waterproof. i wear them on the reg these days because they’re so warm, too. i’d order a half size up as i think they run a little small
12 months ago
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Rag & bone “capri” jeans: i’m wearing a darker wash from a few years ago, but here’s the current wash, which i love just as much, and they’re on sale! they run tts as well, and you can read all about why i love them so much in this blog post.  fave pair of ag jeans on sale, too
12 months ago
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Après ski sweater: so adorable. i get a lot of compliments on it, and i love how colorful it is. soft and itch-free, and it has a little zipper by the collar. runs tts; i’m wearing a size small in these photos. talbots, you won christmas this year
12 months ago
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Yes, i realize the irony of this sweater considering the background of these photos.  but it makes me happy, as i spent most of my christmases at mount snow, vermont and am definitely missing it right now
12 months ago
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