sydneybedell and 8 more want to know where to get this scarf
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sydneybedell and 8 more want to know where to get this scarf

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Barbour beadnell jacket in black barbour cable-knit turtleneck sweater barbour tartan scarf rag & bone jeans emu australia shearling-lined ankle booties red gucci wallet le specs matte black aviators barbour pom pom beanie
12 months ago
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I’m sure i’ve mentioned this at some point, but a few years ago, i realized just how functional winter hats and beanies are. chances are, if you’ve ever seen me out and about in the fall, winter, or early spring, i’m always in a beanie. i used to think i “couldn’t pull off” beanies, but they make a world of a difference when it comes to keeping warm so i just forced it until it felt normal. i swear they keep me from getting sick, especially when my hair is sweaty after leaving a workout! however, they *can* look a bit androgynous so i usually opt for a fun little pom pom on top for a little feminine flair. this barbour beanie is a must-have this fall… such a great gift to give under $50, too! plus, it comes in a few colors. i’m all about that “one for you, one for me” gift buying strategy
12 months ago
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Let’s talk gifting, shall we? i gave my brother a barbour jacket for christmas two years ago and i love seeing that he still wears it today! and you can’t go wrong with gifting barbour accessories… a classic tartan scarf or a playful beanie are sure to be loved. here are some more of my favorite barbour gifts at nordstrom
12 months ago
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Oh, and this tartan scarf? it’s the perfect pop of plaid for the holiday season and beyond! what i love most about it is that it matches all colors of barbour jackets… it goes so well with this black coat, my green beadnell, and my quilted navy one, too. it’s so soft and only $59, so it’s a great price for gifting
12 months ago
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The best part of gifting your guy a barbour scarf is that you can *totes* borrow it

avatar imagesydneybedell 12 months ago