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71 months ago
Margarida Couture
I have made this dress. You can email me on hubbsy@bigpond.net.au I made all the rosettes by hand in a Peach colour. Swarovsky Crystals in every Flower.Took me ages, but it sure is better than buying from ebay. I do want to sell it. See it on Facebook Margarida Couture. Silk Tafetta and Ostrich Feathers, also made one in White. :)
56 months ago
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Do u have this in white?

rosesmiley25 30 months ago
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Hi KaylaH, please email me on hubbsy@bigpond.net.au and i can show you the photos of the Dress and we can take it from there. Price is negotiable. :)

avatar imagemargarida_couture 38 months ago


avatar imagebecca.mcdaniel.98 53 months ago

I have this dress but it's in red. I wore it to my senior prom last year size 0 for $315 (I paid wayyyy more) ☺️ if any are interested

avatar imagetalethalanett 57 months ago

This is a dress from Zuhair Murad's Winter Haute Couture 2010-11collection,you won't be able to get this one for multiple reasons,but I know that Jovani has a knockoff that comes close.Good luck,you have great taste by the way.

avatar imagesnowonthemountain 63 months ago

Zuhair murad

avatar imagegbolis12 63 months ago

the dress is by zuhair murad

avatar imagemia.mya.71 63 months ago

Zuhiar Murad is the designer it's off the runway and costs over $15,000

avatar imagelexi.birkner 63 months ago

It's very expensive..: http://www.aliexpress.com/item/Free-Shipping-Sweetheart-Ruffled-Bling-Sequins-Feather-Organza-Custom-Short-Front-Long-Back-Prom-Dresses-With/772758407.html

avatar imagelivinha_nog 64 months ago


avatar imageLyra09 65 months ago

I found it on this page http://wheretoget.it/clothing/bustier+tulle

avatar imageLyra09 65 months ago

Where can I get this

avatar imagehkarneisha 65 months ago

I had found the site to this dress....I want it for my reception

avatar imagedevafab 70 months ago

You can find it on milanno.com or lightinthebox.com :)

avatar imageEdonaa 72 months ago

Hi, I know where you can get this dress but it is a personal designer. I can send you a photo to see that it really the same one.

avatar imageLesliee 73 months ago

i would like to buy it too

avatar imageAngelinaF 95 months ago

where can I get this dress? thanks ^^

avatar imagehsandra 95 months ago

similar on aliexpress.com

avatar imageEmilya.M 63 months ago


avatar imageinfinitty 63 months ago

this dress is by zuhair murad

avatar imagebella.muse 66 months ago

Where online can I buy it??????????????

avatar imagecortneyleexox 69 months ago

I'm nervous of the outcome if I buy it off ebay!

avatar imagecourtneyahern 69 months ago

I have seen it a little while ago on: lightinthebox.com :)

avatar imageEdonaa 73 months ago


the dress is by zuhair murad from the fall/winter 2010-2011 couture collection.

avatar imageinfinitesmiles 88 months ago

Get the dress from hubbsy1@bigpond.com

avatar imagemargarida_couture 56 months ago

It is by Zuhair Murad, style 3211 from the Spring 2011 bridal

avatar imageMiranda87 71 months ago

I am original seamstress for this dress. I have the original Runway Gown for Sale, has real swarovsky crystals and have one in white. The real original one and only Z.M Gown. email me if you interested hubbsy1@bigpond.com. Also I can make to measure.

avatar imagemargarida_couture 56 months ago

The dress is a fake down below dont trust the website with your money, it's from china. The real dress was off the runway from Suhair Maurad(probably screwed up on spelling)!

avatar imageMiranda87 71 months ago

It's the Ellie dress by Andre Nicole. It was about $550 but I don't think you can buy it anymore.

avatar imagemarlena22 74 months ago

The dress is by Zuhair Murad and as expensive as a small new car. It's only available by requesting it from the label, since it's an older one.

avatar imageTheBlueGirl 55 months ago

This dress is on ioffer.com if you look up vintage dress or vintage prom dress I forgot!

avatar imagelarkinelizabeth 59 months ago

looks like Haute Design by Sarah Klassen: En Rose

avatar imagestellastella 71 months ago
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