bibiana and 1402 more want to know where to get these shoes
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bibiana and 1402 more want to know where to get these shoes

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59 months ago
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Thxx @emilyjael

DaijaAryana 59 months ago
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FCV03 48 months ago
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renaysierra 48 months ago
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FCV03 46 months ago
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Not mentioned
They're nike Roshe .. But they're customized. You can customize your own show on Nike ID.
59 months ago
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How to I add floral?

boargrylls 58 months ago
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Hey I looked around the site & realized you can't do it. These are customized by actual people. I did find a site that does them but he's currently overbooked. You can always try contacting him.


poeeeee 58 months ago
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Wow they're on the pricey side

satinderkaur_28 55 months ago
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avatar imagekuyjkyjrt 34 months ago

A where to get post of a where to get post... Now thats meta

avatar imageDatenshi 39 months ago

how can i buy this shoes?

avatar imageilenietta- 40 months ago

I just added this to my closet on Poshmark: Custom "Rose Red" Nike Roshe Runs. http://bit.ly/1Iy6v4j

avatar imagelacedup 42 months ago


avatar imagefashion_food 43 months ago

These are custom made, just head to the nike website and you can make your own xxx

avatar imageescaife 43 months ago


avatar imageamanddaajohansson 49 months ago

They are out of sold.. I'm now searching them for many months and they can't be found

avatar image.--- 49 months ago

Thank you

avatar image0thtMo 50 months ago

Www.undefeeted.bigcartel.com or Instagram: @undefeetedkicks

avatar imageUndefeeted 53 months ago


avatar imageChemsfreestyle 54 months ago

customize… i can do it….

avatar imagetam_kaviar 56 months ago

I'm pretty sure u can custom them on nike.com

avatar imagetrill_097 57 months ago


avatar imagerequena.julie 58 months ago

These are from Nike !

avatar imageeloise.villemagne 58 months ago

Try etsy.com

avatar imageerinjones 58 months ago

Nike online store or on Instagram @wefvckfashion

avatar imageerinjones 58 months ago

These are customized nike roshe runs. You can't buy them at Nike , but search for floral roshe runs on etsy , there are many similar to this

avatar imagefaithlovely 59 months ago

the style is called 'roshe sneakers' but im pretty sure these have been customized! go to the nike.id store to customise your own! x

avatar imageebonymilne 59 months ago

Roshe nike

avatar imageaylin.ponce.55 59 months ago

Found them on etsy

avatar imagekiki12 51 months ago


Make your own design with Nike-Id :)

avatar imageFashion4passion 57 months ago


avatar imagenjg418 59 months ago
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