haarrrllzss: American flag shorts! So cute. White denim.
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haarrrllzss: American flag shorts! So cute. White denim.

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Originally from here but currently sold out x
60 months ago
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Etsy "American Flag Distressed Freedom Jean Shorts"

*They are sold out and she said once they're gone they're gone but maybe she makes more every year. They look pretty easy to make so I'd suggest just making your own. I found one other that is kind of similar that I will post a tip for as well.
62 months ago
These shorts are similar however were a one off sale. i'll see if i can find any others :) If you check out this site though i am pretty sure the producer has other similar designs. hope this helps.
59 months ago
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Thank you

Girlieplz 59 months ago
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Thank you !!

ecem.beyaz.79 58 months ago
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How do I purchase these shorts it seems to be an obstacle ?

avatar imagekinlsey_lisa 45 months ago

nice !

avatar imagekinlsey_lisa 45 months ago


avatar imageEvabella 48 months ago


avatar imagecynthiaa.gtz 57 months ago

Sry dolls you can't get this shirt it's SOLD OUT . It was bein exclusively sold by the Zeta Tau Alpha Sorority

avatar imagePretty_Lex 60 months ago


avatar imagethe-fitnessqueen 55 months ago

Don't know where to get it, but heres a tutorial on how to make them

avatar imageHoneydew_sweet 57 months ago

Etsy.com :)

avatar imageMiramelissa_ 59 months ago


avatar imagecynthiaa.gtz 57 months ago
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