sofetch: pleaaase i really need it :))
backpack floral white backpack bag white backpack lace cute lace bag crochet summer summer bag flowers vintage hipster bag lovers + friends canvas backpack rucksack canvas retro ootd lace detailed backpack floral fashion cute white bag flower bag its brown and white hippie teenagers girly cool
sofetch: pleaaase i really need it :))

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Not the same but similar.
61 months ago
70 months ago
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how much is that backpack?

tarynbooher 62 months ago
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What other store do they sell the right one?

saaanndy 61 months ago
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Forever 21

kayluv99 60 months ago
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O cool thanks....

MisslilParis 58 months ago
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Oh I love them ❤️

oEliin 58 months ago
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This bags would be good for down the shore!!

blnybrats 58 months ago
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at wet sea

EllEogant_Fashionista 57 months ago
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At wet seal $29.90

EllEogant_Fashionista 57 months ago
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nusibab 52 months ago
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But on wet seal.com i didn't find the backpack. Could you help me please?!

ludovicaperilli 45 months ago
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the print on the bag differs slighlty but i'm pretty sure this is also from the same shop.
70 months ago
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Thats right

aneta.zawadzka 60 months ago
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why is it so exspensive

ninajj 42 months ago
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I cant find the bag

avatar imagegabbyx0 35 months ago

Primark :)

avatar imagetimea. 45 months ago

They have bags similar to this at target ?

avatar imagekyrahcheyenne 52 months ago

A Floral backpack very similar to that can be found at Wet Seal

avatar image_HakunaMatata_ 53 months ago

hello, can you subscribe to my profile please

avatar imageGlams 53 months ago

hello, can you subscribe to my profile please

avatar imageGlams 53 months ago

Any place in Auckland, New Zealans

avatar imagewsjfx 53 months ago


avatar imagemcdonaldemma75 55 months ago

Its at Aeropostale but its no longer available...

avatar imageMotavator5ever 55 months ago

I really really really like this bag, I just can't find the exact same one. The one who posted this photo: can you please tell me where you got it! xx

avatar imagemelissa.aarts 55 months ago

rue 21 or tillys

avatar imageJanaylawson00 56 months ago

You can find them very cheap in Primark. Different prints also.

avatar imagemaitox1994 57 months ago

You can get similar cheaper bags at target. Good material too.

avatar imagebwreagan 58 months ago

Places like equipped and some bag stores like strand bags (Australia)

avatar imageabby_natali 58 months ago

Wet seal!

avatar imagealiciaaadoeee 60 months ago

Floral- target (but sold out I think)

avatar imagexchristinenguyenx 53 months ago

I love this bag. ❤️

avatar imagestacyfelix123 58 months ago


avatar imageDreamShop 58 months ago

Wet seal has them :)

avatar imagecoriepiersma 67 months ago

White bag can be found at aeropostale

avatar imagexx.sam.xx 53 months ago

accesories or c&a have quite the same

avatar imageloppan 67 months ago


avatar imagegabriellecoco 69 months ago

I agree, but the other one is also amazing, I think :)

avatar imagecarlalr_ 69 months ago

ASOS i think

avatar imagemaya_berrouet 58 months ago

You can get BOTH at wet seal !!!

avatar imageAlexisC_Neudorf 60 months ago


avatar imagerharris 60 months ago

You can get these at stranbags and equip

avatar imageemmaromanous 63 months ago

I got a simmilar ( like the first bag) from primark!

avatar imageraph_f 68 months ago


avatar imagemarinalove 62 months ago

Just know it's a brandy Melville ! But you cannot find it on their site... maybe ebay, amazon?... good luck :)

avatar imageFannyGo 65 months ago
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