NonaLeoni: where can i buy these socks?
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NonaLeoni: where can i buy these socks?

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This is an article about the photo and the model wearing the sweater. Hope it helps a little bit in your search!
67 months ago
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:(((((((( SERIOUSLY GUYS.. this is the closest i can find to what this model is wearing. I searched EVERYWHERE, and finally found her instagram account where she stated it was "very rare". at least in the comments i found out that its a hockey team BlackHawk. So i searched and found red and some black sweaters but they didnt look anything like what she's wearing. The closest to this girl's sweater jersey is this actual hockey jersey above. so it'll be nice to wear in your home but i don't think you could wear it out!

SO ANYHOW, hopefully i have helped you out! And if anyone can find this real rare sweater, LEMME KNOW! :D
67 months ago
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Wow ! Thanks..

joellealsina 59 months ago
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I bought this yesturday at a store called fresh wear in Chicago Illinois .

kourtneysalas 49 months ago
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46 months ago
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the girl in the photo is a forever 21 model. I dont know if the sweatshirt was from forever 21 but if it was it's sold out now

avatar imageNattyJ 64 months ago

I think the two names in the photo are small boutiques that u can find the shirt on instagram

avatar imagepaisleydollas 65 months ago

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avatar imageanastasiaklora 46 months ago


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