kaileeremer: Please help thanks!
tank top tie dye slash ripped summer t-shirt ripped colorful colorful shorts skirt shirt bracelets colorful colorful open back funny style fashionista fashion blue yellow pink purple dip dyed white tank top rainbow pretty rainbow shirt tie dye slashed back blouse aztec top aztec summer outfits swim cover up muscle tee cut-out multicolor sexy classy swag glamour green mini shorts jeans jewels arcoiris customized girl cut up top crop tops tie dye shirt tie dye rainbow tanktop clothes lovely tie dye hipster tie dye top neon cute rips summer top
kaileeremer: Please help thanks!

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Got this for my birthday and I wear it all the time
57 months ago
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This also can be tye dyed. Get 15% of now with code-Memorial15
59 months ago
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It's on etsy.com

avatar imagekaileyflohr 58 months ago

soooo cute omg great for the summer love the colors and u can add a cute matching colored t shirt under

avatar imagejocelynkey 46 months ago

Ps. Ive made one before ! It turned out amazing

avatar imagePassion_Fruit 49 months ago

4 ever 21

avatar imagequeen1212 55 months ago

This is a great DIY Project ?
Get a tie dye kit and the dye a plain white shirt (the instructions should be in the kit ) you can buy the tie dye kits at the craft store or purchase a premade tie dye shirt in a clothing store . Then take a pair or scissors and cut slits in the back and gently pull to make the seem fold a bit .you can also cut an arch shape on the sides to create a muscle tee. Hope This Helps ??

avatar imagePassion_Fruit 49 months ago

forever 21

avatar imagequeen1212 55 months ago

i think it's a DIY it's pretty easy to make

avatar imagenadika_matthew 73 months ago

Its from forever21

avatar imagequeen1212 55 months ago

From bgclique.com ... Shouldn't be hard to find in the shirts category (:

avatar imageTamia 65 months ago

Etsy.com Tie Dye Cut Out Shirt $30.00!!!! YESSS!

avatar imageUrban_Stylez 59 months ago
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