angelasimonell12 and 42 more want to know where to get this underwear
angelasimonell12 and 42 more want to know where to get this underwear

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Here's one cheap option! <3
27 months ago
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If you search "lace bra set" on Aliexpress, there are tons of similar ones.
54 months ago
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I wouldn't trust aliexpress, but close enough

creamevengeful 52 months ago
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Aliexpress is safe. I've ordered from there lots of times. If you search "Aliexpress" on Youtube, you see several people have bought from there. There are a few haul videos.

The only thing is that shipping can take a while (up to a month sometimes). But it's definitely worth it, because everything is cheap, and there's so many cute clothes. :) Make sure to check out size charts too, because everything is in Asian sizes, and can run a bit small. Also, LOOK AT FEEDBACK! Products will sometimes have feedback from buyers, and sellers have an overall percentage feedback (like eBay). Look at both! Oh, and don't buy brand names from there (like Nike or whatever). Everything is coming from China, so unless you are okay with a potential knockoff, avoid buying that.

Aliexpress is just like eBay. INDIVIDUAL people and companies sell the products, not the site itself. So all those people that have bad experiences on Aliexpress probably had the misfortune of running into a bad seller. Of the many times I've ordered from Aliexpress, I was only unhappy once, and I got a full refund. They have buyer protection on Aliexpress, so if your order goes wrong or hasn't arrived, you can get a refund.

Sigh... Don't take this personally, but I'm tired of explaining Aliexpress. People keep accusing it as a scam without doing some research. And I wouldn't post a link to something I suspected as a scam or untrustworthy. -_-

Cute 52 months ago
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I have done research, and they seem to steal pictures from other websites including artwork WITHOUT the artists permission. And I have ordered many things from the site and they were very low quality. Also I've read reviews that they're not that good at the section of stuff I buy in. (I.e: cosplay, lolita) they make it, but again not in good quality, and sometimes they get it wrong. Overall the site maybe is good in certain sections, like electronics or something, but not all of it is safe.

creamevengeful 52 months ago
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Aliexpress is a marketplace, kind of like a cheap flea market. Everything is different quality-wise. That's why reading feedback is very important. Sorry you had some bad experiences. Hope you got your money back if the quality was that terrible. D:

Not a good idea to buy lolita on there. Maybe some shoes and accessories, but not full outfits. Lolita fashion has its standards, and the communities place priority in quality. Quality on Aliexpress is on par to Forever 21 or other mall store; not that great but not bad. Generally worth the price you pay, but not the best for lolita dresses. Buy from Bodyline if you need an affordable dress and other lolita stuff. Or try looking at other indie lolita brands. There are lists everywhere if you Google it.

I personally wouldn't buy electronics from there, because of tricky warranties (I'm not willing to ship things back to China for repair, if they break due to manufacture error or whatever). As far as casual clothing goes, it's fine. I bought some cheap jewelry there, and it's also okay.

About stolen art/pics... Unfortunately, China tends to not respect copyright laws/artist ownerships. Hence why most knockoffs come from China. Many sites with origins in China are like this. If you make it a point to support the original artists, just don't buy the stuff stealing their artwork. Not everything on Aliexpress is using stolen artwork/photos.

Cute 52 months ago
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