joyytotheworldd and 264 more want to know where to get these shoes
shoes high heels blouse shorts black shirt sandals sneakers galdiator strappy black heels girl gladiators plaid shirt cute high heels black high heels platform high heels summer shoes high sandals strappy sandals wedges heels tumblr shoes tumblr black heels bag spikes white toe heels red red plaid stripes gorg
joyytotheworldd and 264 more want to know where to get these shoes

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57 months ago
57 months ago
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Omg shut the front door.. I was searching on Ali Express for these. Thank you so much doll.

coconutchanelle 57 months ago
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did you end up buyin these from Aliexpress? were they good quality?

anonymous 56 months ago
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no not yet.. Im kind of scared to.

coconutchanelle 55 months ago
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It is from river island

avatar imagesalwittta 47 months ago

River island
T strap

avatar imagelaisha.collins.7 56 months ago

I want that jacket :)

avatar imageYalou 57 months ago

Choies.com has shoes like this

avatar imageharrysmyhan 57 months ago

I couldn't find the exacts,only these similars: http://www.choies.com/product/new-style-toe-sandals-in-black_p10125

avatar imageDorothy_ 37 months ago


avatar imageanissa.worthington 56 months ago

they look like Jeffrey Campbell

avatar imageanissa.worthington 56 months ago

Alexander A Line shoes! They are hard to find in stock since they came out 2 seasons ago

avatar imagetiara.ha 57 months ago

Nasty Gal

avatar imageumhelllooo 52 months ago
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