honeybooboo and 730 more want to know where to get this dress
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honeybooboo and 730 more want to know where to get this dress

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Zac Posen
This navy dress you looking for is from the collection Zac Posen Pre-Fall 2013. I've looked in many stores and the navy one is not available. Anyway, I found the red model for you :)
65 months ago
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lol this looks nothing like that dress.... but thanks

patriciaj773 62 months ago
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I've seen this dress on celebritydress100.com, they make a copy of it

miinchiaxx 62 months ago
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avatar imagejudemead 62 months ago

This dress was designed by Zac Posen and was displayed in the Pre Fall 2013 Collection as shown on the website http://www.zacposen.com
These dresses have not been released for the public yet but keep checking the "where to buy" links on Zac's website to see if this dress is going to be in stock on any of the online retailers stores.

avatar imageTheDopestChick 65 months ago

its actually navy blue.

avatar imageliliana.rubio.net 50 months ago

the celebrity dresses.. its photographed in a lilac colour on the red carpet

avatar imagelc.xx 55 months ago

Zac Posen gown

avatar image2011.Solie 58 months ago

where can i get this?

avatar imagewednesday14 62 months ago


avatar imageAmbyr.Brock 51 months ago

I just purchased a similiar dress from the celebritydresses.com. Was surprised at how beautifully made the dress was for the price!! Also exact replicas

avatar imagelulu41 52 months ago

could be wrong, but it looks like a zac posen dress

avatar imagewainamcheung 59 months ago

This is a gown designed by Zac Posen and was displayed in his Pre Fall 2013 Collection. It is "Look 20" in this collection. I found a source* that said that these dresses have not been released for the public yet, but recommends to keep checking the "where to buy" links on the website to see if this dress is going to be in stock on any of the online retailers stores.
Now although this gorgeous gown seems almost impossible to find online, I was able to find a site that was selling it in a trunkshow and it sold for $7,990, but unfortunately this trunkshow has already ended. I'll include the link to that site as well, in case you wish to look at it.

I hope that helped!

Information credited found from TheDopestChick*

avatar imagemscxo 65 months ago

It's a zac posen pre fall 2013 dress :) hope it helps xxx

avatar imageJaaaden 60 months ago

This is a Zac Posen gown

avatar imageMonika_Patricia 62 months ago

this dress is by Michael Costello. Alliexpress isn't a trusted website there is a lot of feedback of people never receiving their item and the seller wont give back their money.

avatar imagelinda.nemer 57 months ago

In white = my future wedding dress haha

avatar imagejohanna.ghr 62 months ago

Zac Posen :)

avatar imageingridsaraolivia 63 months ago

Thecelebritydresses.com exact same dress they advertise it in lavender but you can get whatever color you want!

avatar imagejamiemck 63 months ago

Where can I get this

avatar imagerebekah.briers 64 months ago
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