anonymous and 3 more want to know where to get this top
top o-mighty chinese shirt oriental print oriental matching set 2 piece skirt set two-piece matching skirt and top summer outfits summer party red top crop tops bralette red skirt pattern silk skirt silky set skirt
anonymous and 3 more want to know where to get this top

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Chinese oriental prints are beautiful. They are the classic badass and we aren't happy that the world isn't seeing much of our culture's beautiful fabric in this modern fashion era. Mama always say if you don't like something, you need to make a change! AND SO... O'Mighty created a whole line of oriental styles! #OMIGHTY is extremely happy to be able to share the beauty of our very own Chinese culture with the WORLD all the way from tiny little Singapore! We are proud to be able to see people of all races love, appreciate and wear our very own oriental prints. Our traditional prints are always used for every celebratory and joyous occasions because they represent Happiness, Prosperity, Health, Wealth, Luck, Longevity, Love, Peace and SO MUCH SO MUCH GOOD VIBES!
22 months ago
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