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Forever 21
Pretty sure they're exact. I really want this top! So cute!
63 months ago
64 months ago
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I'm selling a top exactly like this one my depop, go check it out @hersheyxo

avatar imageHershey

in forever 21

avatar imagepatyjaimez

Similar at subdued :))

avatar imagealessiac351

I got one like this at PRIMARK :) x

avatar imageoceanex

Steve Madden

avatar imagelilgoldie

Top shop xxxx

avatar imagefashionista-xxxx

this shoes are from nasty gal

avatar imageKatie_

you can find this crop top at city beach australia

avatar imageKatie_


avatar imagehendriksjanne

New look, I have one!

avatar imageoliviarussell96

similar necklace here

avatar imagenicole357


avatar imagethelatesttrends

avatar imagecolleen.e.gillis Hope this helps :) $30

avatar imageannie_reeson8

Penneys/Primark for €5!

avatar imagetina.smyth

You can get it in new look x

avatar imagetina.smyth

New look did one in the summer so it is probably in the sale or out if stock

avatar imageLaurab_98

*forever 21

avatar imagelupegonzalez

these are jeffrey campbell shoes , they're a little expencive but these shoes have qolety

avatar imagesimizera

Deb has this tank and in different colors I have a red one

avatar imageautolocious95

Vintage levis try your local vintage store they all have it !

avatar imageLove Melrose

They sell the similar in forever 21!

avatar imageanne-laure

You can buy it at claire's

avatar imagexRianne22

You can get it cheaper in new look, just as good

avatar imagecandiceadell


avatar imagehollyrowexxx

primary have lots of gold chains in for

avatar imagehollyrowexxx

the shorts are from Levis

avatar imageTeteeee

I think you can find that crop top at NastyGal too :) xx

avatar imageTimzki

Charlotte Russe Just got them in!!



avatar imagelenha28

the top is from sirenLondon! :)

avatar imagesannabel


avatar imagemandybatista24 (:

avatar imageTaylorSueBruno

Levi's :)x

avatar imageyasminae
I think it's on sale

avatar imagesaga_i

The blouse in this picture can be acquired from "Deb" clothing store. It's actually a frilly bikini top at deb though, but it looks exactly the same! Hope that helps a little.

avatar imagekosmosphere


avatar imageLoveMiia

I think there was one similar in new look and I swear I saw one in hollister xxxxx

avatar imagefashionista-xxxx

I got the same top from Tilly's.

avatar imagekaty.ellering

avatar imagehendriksjanne

Fab ones on here n enter the code ABI15 for 15 % off

avatar imagejtr

I think

avatar imageyeetyeet13

I got one just like it from new look but I got it in july this year

avatar imagebethany_kat

Thaaaanks ! :))))))

avatar imagemaria12

avatar imagedanicia.ross.5

these are fab!

avatar imageanonymous

that headband can be found at fprever 21

avatar imagelupegonzalez

avatar imageLoveMiia

New Yorker:)

avatar imageblabla61

New look have the exact or very similar one!

avatar image202amzz

shorts $24

avatar imageshoppinkstiletto

Try your local tjmaxx. I recently went to mines and got a top exactly like this for $5.

avatar imagexkfmx

saw the top in Tilly's today. good luck!

avatar imagealexandra.white.7165

i got one in h&m for 9.99 :)

avatar imagefairyfulness

I got mines from topshop and I think it's basically the same as the ones in new look have a longer bit at the front, topshop ones very similar if not the same :)

avatar imagemaz

avatar imageericaj908

You can get the accessories in Claires and the shorts in H&M and the top in Pennys :P

avatar imageTotally_Insan3

Those shoes are from NastyGal :) xx

avatar imageTimzki

For the shirt its the exact one :)

avatar imagemaellou1901

It's a Levi's 501 cut

avatar imageornella_antoni

necklace is from Forever21 and top is from Closet

avatar imagenataliaxo
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