DoreMarquez: i've been looking for a similar dress for so long. it really needs to have the fairy-feeling like this one.
DoreMarquez: i've been looking for a similar dress for so long. it really needs to have the fairy-feeling like this one.

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Forever New
It's an Anita Waterfall dress from Forever New. It's out of stock...
76 months ago
Forever New
This dress was at Forever New a year ago - here's the link for the website anyway.
62 months ago
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I couldn't find a Shop where this dress is available! I am in Love with this dress since years..

avatar imagestyling_liz 45 months ago

This dress is so wonderful!!

avatar imagestyling_liz 45 months ago

Australian brand 'Forever New'. Was called 'Waterfall Dress'. Very old stock and not available from Forever New anymore but sometimes they come up on ebay.

avatar imagemisscupcake 46 months ago

The brand is actually 'Forever New' but the dress is old so it isn't on their site anymore

avatar imagemisscupcake 47 months ago

This is from the old forever new 2012 collection. At least on forever new it is no more available.

avatar imagePrettyLittleThingssssss 54 months ago

Forever new.com

avatar imageveronicaj 55 months ago

This is from Forever New in Australia it's quite old not sure if they'd still have it :)

avatar imagetahnibanani97 57 months ago


avatar imagekorina.michelle 61 months ago

The dress was called "Anita Waterfall Dress," and was from an old collection at Forever New. Their site is Forevernew.com.au. The dress is no longer available, though.

Info from - http://wheretoget.it/look/16636

You can also get knockoffs-


Can't say I can vouch that you'll get something close to the pic, though.

avatar imageCute 58 months ago

It's from Forever New's collection Age of innocence, but I don't think they sell it anymore, sorry :(.

avatar imageSophiaMikkelsen. 61 months ago

This was defs from a store called forever new on Australia, remember seeing this a few years ago so I don't think this is in stock anymore :/

avatar image_GIA_ 54 months ago

Only the belt

avatar imagekristinpernot 56 months ago


avatar imagekristinpernot 56 months ago

Anyone find a similar dress to this? Dying to know where I can get it!!!!

avatar imagelebecker34 58 months ago

Here's the exact dress! Took me forever to find!

avatar imagestellaluna91 71 months ago

this dress is called an anita waterfall dress but this picture is photoshopped it isnt that pink its a light coralish

avatar imagebrunettebb 57 months ago

it was from forever new (no not forever 21) forever new is an australian shop mainly and they used to sell it their in their 'age of innocence' collection.
this is a very popular dress on the internet and it is no longer available online but they do have similar pretty dresses available like this
hope i helped xo

avatar imagemaisiem 63 months ago

hey! this dress is from forever new, its an old collection but im pretty sure they have something similar. ive also seen a few pop up on ebay! http://www.forevernew.com.au/Susie-Strapless-Embellished-Dress.aspx?p20245&cr=093102

avatar imagemaggie1206 75 months ago
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