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My sister has this, it's a lovely top
48 months ago
Yeah Bunny
Also great shorts! :)
Yeah Bunny
50 months ago
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I know this sounds crazy but I just seen almost the same type of shorts at walmart yesterday and there white and come in a few other colors. ..I seen these shorts just now and was surprised cause the 95% same style is at walmart of all places for I believe $9.97:-)

avatar imagemelissakulper

there's already about a hundred posts for these shorts ;)
there are tips on the nother ones, try finding it :)

avatar imagepanama

a saw them @ belks

avatar imagedavia.rypdahl

avatar imagegemfire256

avatar imagesyetta

You can get them off depop!!

avatar imagekeiralewis


avatar imageShoppingqueeeen


avatar imageShoppingqueeeen

avatar imageGrecia8

I seen some similar one at Marshall's.

avatar imageveronica2108

avatar image400

Hi girls you can buy this on my website or on my Instagram page

avatar imageSwimwearBeauty_1

You can get similar shorts at thelookbookstore

avatar imagegchuter59

Club L ?22, 95

avatar imagexRianne22

Primark ?7,-

avatar imagexRianne22

avatar imageaarielle.

avatar imageDangerouss

EBONY LACE FASHION BOUTIQUE > SHORTS > "Sunday Island" Crochet Latest Fashion Shorts (white or Mint)

avatar imagekendhhr

avatar imagelaloela

can be find on Dm retro aswell! :)

avatar imageLeRoys

White daisy

avatar imagesummerstupidness

avatar imageSummerMusthaves

sabo skirt - Australian website

avatar imageSummerMusthaves

avatar imagenachtgewitter


avatar imagexRianne22

Instagram - @wuliwear they have it :)

avatar imageaudreyxom


avatar imagetrustrenea


avatar imageantoneta99

avatar imagetata.lau.5

Forever21 or h&m

avatar imageaisha_zaid

You can buy it at H&M, but they call it a pyjamashort there

avatar imageLisa_kuss

New Yorker :-)

avatar imagelilnevvv

it is from SABOSKIRT but it doesn't have it on the website anymore

avatar imageckan726

comes in black too :)

avatar imagelaurenperron

I've seen the same but in pink from select :)

avatar imageAimeeJ

I want these top

avatar imageMaliaSofiiee

avatar imageSummerMusthaves

ive seen pants like this in citybeach

avatar imagetaylanorris

primark 7 euros

avatar imagexRianne22

at Sheinside

avatar imageTaniou

avatar imagekaliforniaSAD

sabo skirt has these

avatar imagemsvicjones

They do ones exactly like them at new look for £14 something

avatar imagelauramkp2000

tally weijl!!! :)

avatar imagediemlien

berska do a shirt like it and matching skirt which is £19:99

avatar imagelilycrooks

I think it's lookbookstore

avatar imageanonymous

avatar imageFashixnlxver

avatar imagelaurenperron
They have the skirt and the Palm tree Shirt :)

avatar imagejaimecoco

Club L 22,95?

avatar imagexRianne22

you can get these shorts at

avatar imagesophiaa.lynne


avatar imagebecause_cats

Primark , ?7,-

avatar imagexRianne22

Similar style from 'New Look' 3 different colour varieties (White, Navy, Black) which cost £14.99 each

avatar imagemorgan.rawcliffe


avatar imagexxxXSarahXxxx

Within the UK, 'new look' are selling both really similar items of both the shirt and shorts at ridiculously cheap prices, go check it out (

avatar imagemorgan.rawcliffe

avatar imageanonymous


avatar imagetasha❤️
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