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57 months ago
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This shirt was part of the Mickey & Co + Forever21 Collection, but it's been sold out for a while :(
44 months ago
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avatar imagenylacruz

avatar imagenylacruz

avatar imagenylacruz

This shirt <3<3<3

avatar imageBikini Luxe

The skirt is from forever 21

avatar imageballerina1003

It's from Forever21

avatar imagelover_

It's from Forever21

avatar imagelover_

a skirt like this ive seen in h&m

avatar imageFranziii the whole outfit id from forever21 i think its been sold out for a while tho :/

avatar imagelOvE.BEiNg.A.MoMmY

Forever 21 !!

avatar imageanonymous


The shirt is from h&m, but they are sold out.

avatar imagenloonvoe


avatar imagediamond.powers1996

forever 21

avatar imageadry.xoxo

Forever 21

avatar imageshaferebony

Forever 21

avatar imagedionna

H&M or VILA have similar :)

avatar imagemarrrrrrr

Forever 21 sold out ...

avatar imagefannygoumaux

This whole outfit can be found at forever 21. And the chain necklace can be found at H&M

avatar imageYamilet_beauty

Where to get this exact top?

avatar imagebabajane

It's from

avatar imagelydiaguinevere1

forever 21 but its sold out...sold out last year

avatar imageciarachapp

Forever 21

avatar imagest582

It was at forever21. But it's currently sold out. It's been sold out for months now. Don't know if they will restock

avatar imageRyanDior

avatar imagetiffany.cook.7731

Forever 21!

avatar imageJayden

Forever 21

avatar imagechloecdavies

It's not a dress

avatar imagechloecdavies

Forever 21

avatar imagewhite8112

whole outfit is forever 21

avatar imagecoolkay

This is from ELEVEN PARIS

avatar imagexUnrated


avatar imagebrooke106

Forever 21 exact

avatar imageSxphxxn

Primark €11

avatar imageffashionnn

The shirt is from forever 21! :)

avatar imageAmberxx

try gojane

avatar imageJanaylawson00

Saw it yesterday at forever 21 - berlin-kudamm!

avatar imagelizkhalifa44


avatar imagedafi_smile


avatar imageRoar

It's ?10,-

avatar imagexRianne22

avatar imagexRianne22

Forever 21

avatar imagecaitmyers19

Primark for 7 €

avatar imagexxbadgirlxx

have the same top and it's from primark

avatar imageAuridrewbieber

H&M :)

avatar imagesara.rozman.1

Forever 21

avatar imagePretty_Lex

that exact outfit is from Forever 21.

avatar imagelisaayvonne


avatar imagesabrinallstar

It wasnt $45

avatar imagePINK_ROYALTY


avatar imageleo.meow

Forever 21

avatar imagePretty_Lex

Forever 21

avatar imagetheboss7054

You can find it on asos and forever 21

avatar imagechloecdavies

What other things you can wear with a leather skirt?

avatar imagethatme.desss

Similar at H&M, Forever 21, Zara… you can find it anywhere really.

avatar imagexUnrated

Exact outfit at forever 21 it's even on the home page of their app

avatar imagePartyGyrl

I believe they have a leather skirt at h&m :)

avatar imagebtyv725

Forever21 for everything

avatar imageab32217

From forever 21.. but sold out :(

avatar imageanonymous

The top is from forever 21.

avatar imageAmberxx

avatar imagedisneylover24

Forever 21

avatar imageshadeja.

Primark i think

avatar imageleentje96


avatar imagexjacobs

you can find that shirt in h&m it's a little long though and u can find that skater skirt anywhere

avatar imagepaisleydollas

Forever 21 Mickey Mouse Edition

avatar imagekay_couture

Forever 21!

avatar imagetasha❤️

Forever 21 I believe

avatar imageTanktopfashion

I think its actually a top and skirt and I know you can get the top from primark because I got it as a workout top and then most places sell a leather circle skirt/skater skirt

avatar imagesophierd

this was on a while ago, but i dunno if it is still there! give it a try ;)

avatar imageericazzolina

You can buy a top very similar in h&m x

avatar imageDiamondInTheRoughh

that shit is from forever21 but it is out of stock

Item number - 2000065911
Oh Mickey Tee

avatar imageLoveForRI
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