kimsey and 424 more want to know where to get this dress
dress little black dress dreas nelly.com cocktail dress sexy party dresses jewels black black dress cut-out mesh black dress jumpsuit dress prom dress pink decoration fashion black prom dress chiffon dress skirts apparel maxi maxi skirts 2014 full length forever hill model heart ball sparkle sequins little black club dress party dress style striped dress cute dress clubwear sexy dress sexy dress cocktail dress black with see through strips short short dress sexy forever 21 @nellynelly___ girl girly girly wishlist see through see through dress classy sheer cute sleeveless dress
kimsey and 424 more want to know where to get this dress

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Thank you!!!

fashiongirl0508 57 months ago
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angelicfun 57 months ago
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Try aliexpress.com $21

suje 57 months ago
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What do I put on aliexpress for that dress to come out? In black

jessilyneo9 57 months ago
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Thank you so much :)

mayajacobb 57 months ago
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@jessilyneo9 When you visit aliexpress, just search for -Black Mesh Dress- it should pop right up. I hope that helps :)

suje 57 months ago
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Thanks so much!:)

jessilyneo9 57 months ago
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Don't use Aliexpress , they will take your money and you won't receive your clothes :(

nlstroud 57 months ago
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I've used aliexpress lots of times. Just make sure you read the reviews on the item before you buy it.

suje 57 months ago
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CHINEE.BOO 57 months ago
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Stay away from aliexpress!! I've ordered from them in the past and yes I did receive my items but the quality was very cheap. This time I ordered 5 items from them and only receive 1 item out of the 5 and I got charged for the 5 items. They are thieves. I canceled the card I used on there. Stay away from aliexpress. :(

suje 56 months ago
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That's right let a little skin show

ashamm 56 months ago
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I always receive mine :)

joanacosta24 56 months ago
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Is it really 21 on aliexpress

baby_cakes1 56 months ago
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missmonea_ 55 months ago
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Thank you babes<3

Derlaina. 55 months ago
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melissazambrano15 54 months ago
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Not always... i always buy there, you have to be careful, but i always recieve what i pay.

lunnvic 50 months ago
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Thank you! X

Kayleigh_mc 56 months ago
Not mentioned

Please click the "thanks" button / tap the heart below if you like the link! It helps me a lot <3
57 months ago
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avatar imageGGlovefashion 26 months ago


avatar imagenaigoodaz3 44 months ago

You can get this same dress from RoseWe

avatar imageBella.Parks 47 months ago


avatar imageDreamShop 51 months ago

$10 EBay Search Black Mesh dress.Thank me later

avatar imageANGIEJORDANFANATIC 52 months ago

I Finially got this dress! And it was under $20! I ordered it off of aliexpress it did take a few weeks to come but i have no problems and it fits like a glove.! I love it

avatar imageDerlaina. 52 months ago


avatar imagejerriwhitfield99 54 months ago

Amelia Rose Boutique, £39

avatar imagerachaeladam_ 54 months ago


avatar imagechubbie_love2 56 months ago


avatar imagekaryna 56 months ago


avatar imagenatalia_69 46 months ago

Instagram: @ClothesOverBrosInc


avatar imagemostdivinerocio 55 months ago

Hello,Can you suscribe to my profil please :)

avatar imageGlams 52 months ago


avatar imageshellz86 56 months ago

asos club l mesh skater

avatar imageabby_ 56 months ago

Aliexpress.com search 'mesh dress' $21.12 a piece they have other colours aswell burgandy, baby blue and coral

avatar imageladygayna 56 months ago


avatar imageCharleighxo 57 months ago

The trick on aliexpress is to buy from safe sellers, you just have to look for a seller with good ratings or who has a refund policy. Till now I have no problem with my shopping in aliexpress:)

avatar imagemaitox1994 56 months ago

In the US this dress is sold on ASOS.com

avatar imageabby_ 56 months ago

aliexpress.com $21

avatar imagesuje 57 months ago
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