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anaisben: Love

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The exact nails are from this etsy shop! Comes with 12 Acrylic Nails, nail glue not included . Sadly, this etsy shop is on vacation, I'm not sure when they are returning but you can sign up for updates on when they'll be back! That button is at the top of the page.
67 months ago
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Love the silver nail specially in gold

Selinajasmine23 51 months ago
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Very nice gadecosmetics.se

avatar imagejohnag 32 months ago

You can try the nail polish, but people say it doesn't look as good as fake nails or wrap

avatar imagemarigold 54 months ago

http://nicolebyopi.com/products/positive-energy found a Nicole by OPI but the price is not on the page

avatar imagelucyyeatts 54 months ago

Hello,Can you suscribe on my profil :)

avatar imageGlams 57 months ago

Hello,Can you suscribe on my profil :)

avatar imageGlams 57 months ago

It's not a nail polish !! These are stickers for nails, look for them for example on eBay

avatar imageLovleyWeasel 57 months ago

minx nail wrap

avatar imagekalibean 59 months ago

Uk stores?

avatar imagethelatesttrends 61 months ago

can you get this anywhere besides amazon? like in a store?

avatar imageelliann.dunbar 65 months ago

google it..?

avatar imagemichaelaa 74 months ago

saw these on ebay, they came in gold too

avatar imagekyurems 44 months ago

its not nail polish. its glue on nails covered in silver nail foil, already pre made.

avatar imagea2pocalypse 53 months ago

there is no such thing as an actual polish this chrome looking. they're either press on's or foils (most likely press on's). but OPI have a "chrome" polish called Push and Shove, not as nice as this but as chrome as you can get

avatar image16789152 59 months ago


avatar imageBlazianBarbi 62 months ago

I love too. I searched the globe. They are press on. : ((

avatar imagexiola.schaefer 62 months ago

Get it at Sephora Store

avatar imagepameflors 64 months ago

This is called foil nail polish. Sephora actually sells a polish kit for it right now. Or you could google foil nail and buy the foil to do it. They sell gold leaf also that looks like that.

avatar imagesexxyangel 64 months ago

In germany you Can get Them from
P2 :)

avatar imagemille.d.schmidt 60 months ago

minxnails.com it's not a polish try any nail salon that carry minx nails

avatar imageGORGEOUSECRET 60 months ago

that's my insta pic!!!

avatar imageprivatefashionstylist 66 months ago

For a flawless finish without brushmarks go for Nail Wraps.
Get them here for $8.

And support private businesses!

avatar imagelenachronnica 66 months ago
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