stellastella: someone help me find these or similar shorts please! <3
shorts instagram hipster animal print milky denim shorts vintage denim vintage shorts old but handsome vintage stars light blue dark blue spiked shorts spikes leopard print tumblr jullnard Choies clothes High waisted shorts denim studs distressed shorts lace shorts tribal pattern ripped shorts High waisted shorts cut off shorts flowered shorts american flag shorts denim shorts shoes lace cross shiny jeans high waisted denim shorts leopard print Sequin shorts pants half blue half white gold studded cross black white short cute lovely blue pretty brandy melville belt the black with the studs ina cross one hipster shorts fashion high waisted high waisted ombre shorts spring summer studded semi-faded
stellastella: someone help me find these or similar shorts please! <3

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Want !

delilah1 79 months ago
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cheerleader_diamond 74 months ago
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cheerleader_diamond 74 months ago
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These shorts are custom made and can be found here :)
87 months ago
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here --- https://www.facebook.com/fabkate

avatar imagethefashionsyndrome 63 months ago


avatar imagedogtownbetty.com 72 months ago


avatar imagea-beyer 73 months ago


avatar imagejanaeenaee 74 months ago

There are no shoes on this pic

avatar imageMiramelissa_ 76 months ago

Runwaydreamz :)

avatar imageMiramelissa_ 76 months ago

The bocolor (blue and white) are from double agent

avatar imagefashion_victim 77 months ago

I should say; Make one by yourself, It Will looks more how you want and youre the only person who's wearing that short.

avatar imageleoniekox 77 months ago

I will defiantly buy all these shorts there so adorable

avatar imagedajhaird 80 months ago

I think it is all from lunavintage.com

avatar imagejulia_gutlich 76 months ago


avatar imagemikaylaco_ 77 months ago


avatar imagejdbflake 78 months ago

look in pinkice.com

avatar imagejavimeneses 78 months ago

Custom vintage dublin.com

avatar imagekaren.ellis.3517 79 months ago


avatar imageanonymous 79 months ago


avatar imageanonymous 79 months ago


avatar imageanonymous 79 months ago

most of them look diy like they went to a thrift store and did the their selves but if not a lot also look a lot like runway denim

avatar imagetheheather143 76 months ago


avatar imageanonymous 79 months ago


avatar imageanonymous 79 months ago

Have a look a SpikesandSeams.com they have loads of custom shorts like these!! :) xxx

avatar imageRebAnderson 78 months ago
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