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shorts High waisted shorts moon phases moon black hipster indie high waisted black shorts moon crescentmoon cut offs high waisted cut offs tumblr tumblr jeans high waisted denim shorts High waisted shorts printed shorts printed high waist shorts levi's shorts moon phases shorts cut off shorts ripped denim phases of the moon pants lune noir cut offs soft grunge grunge shoes crescent moon hot pants white levi's brandy hot pants shades soft grunge denim shorts High waisted shorts black jean short black jeans weheartit cute phases space fashion eclipse fancy goth short cool live love skinny short shorts cool girl style boho
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There's also a diy: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pq2f0-oSgok
62 months ago
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Queen.J 62 months ago
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The ones in the pic are actually from Melacine Moon, but their site appears to be down.

66 months ago
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They are in a size 8, but she's willing to make other sizes!
68 months ago
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Btw the dog is not the product . Lol:)
Hope this helps
69 months ago
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U can go to a thrift store and find some Levi's for cheap and get the moon stencil ;)

kiki.boobear 58 months ago
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where can I get this in the uk????

avatar imageamberr 59 months ago


avatar imageGuzelMiller 62 months ago

They make these on etsy (:

avatar imageswallowedbymadness 62 months ago


avatar imagezoe.abriana 34 months ago

From melacinemoon.com but they're closed right now

avatar imageojrsln 47 months ago

It's actually $70 from the real website but it appears to be down so here the link to a YouTube video where you learn to make them for cheap :) http://m.youtube.com/watch?v=pq2f0-oSgok

avatar imagedanxxlla 49 months ago

U could make these, get a cutout of a circle and paint it in depending on how big or small u want the moon snap (btw use fabric paint it's way better)

avatar imageHipsterPineapple 58 months ago

they have these for sale by Knee Deep Denim.

avatar imagejamiealexander 61 months ago

saw something similar! http://www.radpopsicles.com/product_info.php?cPath=54&products_id=127

avatar imageClaraFang 62 months ago


avatar imageanonymous 63 months ago

This one was unavailable wherever I've searched..But I have found a similar one: https://www.etsy.com/listing/154324261/moon-child-shorts-custom?ga_order=most_relevant&ga_search_type=all&ga_view_type=gallery&ga_search_query=moon%20phases%20shorts&ref=sr_gallery_11

avatar imageDorothy_ 43 months ago

you can search on youtube DIY: Moon Phase Shorts if you want to do it by yourself

avatar imageSummerMusthaves 51 months ago


avatar imageanonymous 63 months ago


avatar imageanonymous 63 months ago


avatar imageanonymous 63 months ago


avatar imageanonymous 63 months ago


avatar imagebackoffhe-smine 66 months ago


avatar imageanonymous 63 months ago

it's a 'do it youself' short

avatar imageSummerMusthaves 49 months ago

there are some on etsy for a little cheaper (:

avatar imagelynn 70 months ago

There's a tutorial on yutube from a girl called catebarker that shows how to diy this shorts. go look for it, cause its a lot cheaper

avatar imageNatPat 69 months ago
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