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Its these shoes and everything except the base, laces, and swoosh is in the color artic green :)
58 months ago
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you can customize them here, to exactly the same, you can also do them in any other styles on here:
56 months ago
You can customize your own shoe on the nike web site here. You can make it look like these or give it your own flare.
48 months ago
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the price depends on the size.. sorry the picture wouldn't load.
48 months ago
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avatar imageAgassiAra

on you can customize your shoes!

avatar imageabcdefghilmnopq

where exactly can u buy these shoes thanks

avatar imageUnexpiredgoods

i need to get these for my girlfriend she wants them bad im spoiling her and im going to surprise her on her birthday wih getting them for her can anyone help me an finding them for me bc i pay whatever for bc she wants them that bad so someone please help..

avatar imagebrycesummers5

Does anybody no where to get these??? Please help!!! I want them sooo bad

avatar imagebrettbennett1230

Go to Nike store and create one it took me forever to find one exactly like this amazing shoe but ,it IS in the Nike website! (:

avatar imagejennyfox341

Where do you buy these shoes

avatar imageiris.kragt

on you can customize your shoes!

avatar imageabcdefghilmnopq

hello, can you subscribe to my profile please

avatar imageGlams

Those are customized Nike Free Run 3.0

avatar imagela-vie-par-la-boucles

Customize them at

avatar imagemelanycv

I rally want to know what these shoes are called and where I can buy them

avatar imageHbundaloo3

You can buy these shose at and they can make these shose for special order

avatar imagenikolettaqq

avatar imageCharleighxo

Where do you buy these shoes

avatar imageiris.kragt

avatar imagecharlotte_xx

avatar imageFarah_smilez

NIKE free free donna&itemsPerPage=24

avatar imagedress_thanks

They have it on aliexpress i think, and yeah so mich cheaper ^-^

avatar imagekveta.tran

These are custom made shoes. What you need to do is this: go to -> search nike free id -> click the shoe that says Nike Free 5.0+ ID -> customize it to look like they do in this picture. Goodluck!

avatar imagedouniatmim

nike free run 5.0

avatar imageketchup2304

they are nike free runs, google it, there are so many designs to choose from xx

avatar imageanditskate

They are called - Womens Nike free 3.0 v4 "Tropical Twist"

avatar imagemidcity_ant

Check the Nike store or u can make them ur self at Nike Id

avatar imageKrazyCazzy

avatar imagekelswp215

avatar imageJoy.

Just about any sporting goods store has these, look on nike's website for exact colors

avatar imageghowie

Any nike store or nike they have a sale!!!
or you can get multiple colours ate footlocker, sportsco and rebel sport

avatar imageLailaa_
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