C_Brem_x: Love this style of dress. Where could I find it in some different colours like pink?
C_Brem_x: Love this style of dress. Where could I find it in some different colours like pink?

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asvpxtiy 55 months ago
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Dani_717 55 months ago
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Okay soo this link has a similar dress in black and blue.
But the original dress in the picture that was posted was made by Ted Baker. Sadly I couldn't find it anywhere.
Heres pictures of the original if you want them: http://www.becauseiamfabulous.com/2012/09/fabulously-spotted-tulisa-contostavlos-in-ted-baker-colbalt-blue-kipp-dress-outside-the-itv-studios-in-london/
58 months ago
Ted Baker
It's out of stock.
68 months ago
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you can find whatever dress in my shop, all from factory, good quality and cheap price

avatar imageanne2015 44 months ago

new look

avatar imageMacmcd24200324 51 months ago

it's a dress by ted baker, but it's sold out everywhere! :/

avatar imagesiobhan.martin.370 54 months ago


avatar imagehahayourfunny 54 months ago

They used to have it in topshop

avatar imagel-a-u-r-e-n 57 months ago

I have this, got it at ted baker. Could only get the blue colour from uk TB store

avatar imagemp.campbell 46 months ago

it's dress by ted baker!

avatar imagesiobhan.martin.370 54 months ago


avatar imageanonymous7752526 56 months ago

http://www.mypackingstylist.com/ Its blog of this woman,i love her style,i hope i helped...:) Regards !!!

avatar imageAnulica 62 months ago

Lulu's has some really nice skater dresses! I hope that helps :)

avatar imagealanaines 69 months ago

It was for sale on

avatar imagemadeliefjobse 61 months ago
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