anonymous: Hey :) Does anyone know where i can buy those pants? i would love to get them! :( Thank you so much everyone who knows <3
anonymous: Hey :) Does anyone know where i can buy those pants? i would love to get them! :( Thank you so much everyone who knows <3

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These we're created by Mink Pink around Valentines Day but they we're sold out everywhere really fast! They have a clothing range on Asos! Keep an eye on it around Valentines day and hopefully we'll see them around again ;) :P
59 months ago
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thank you soo much! :)

cfeeney123 63 months ago
Not mentioned
different but i think they're cooler :')
56 months ago
54 months ago
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avatar imageMiestiLo 53 months ago


avatar imageJasmineJ13 55 months ago

topshop do them without the heart pockets

avatar imagemollie.over 56 months ago

You could always try a bit of DIY and reshape the pockets of a regular pair of shorts or jeans. Doesn't look too hard

avatar imageREALgeorgiaROSE 57 months ago

it's called the mink pink lonely hearts waisted shorts, but I think it has already sold out

avatar imagetracyyim 45 months ago

The original is from nastygal.com, but unfortunately is sold out now. If you're after hearts and denim though, try these: http://www.pinkice.com/Products/Sweet-Hearts-High-Waist-Shorts/22556?utm_source=polyvore&utm_medium=cpc&utm_campaign=shorts

avatar imagereginaadams 46 months ago

these have the heart pockets? http://www.aliexpress.com/item/2013-New-Design-Fashion-Heart-Shaped-Pocket-Women-s-Skinny-Jeans-Shorts-Plus-Size-Blue-Denim/987542733.html

avatar imagerubiblue666 54 months ago

Nasty Gal on ASOS but they're sold out, check on polyvore x

avatar imagebeyonceknowsbest 56 months ago

They're from minkpink. I have the exact pair :)

avatar imagemarlena22 68 months ago

These are the Lonely Hearts shorts by Mink Pink. They made them especially for Nastygal.com but they sold out x

avatar imagelyriums 67 months ago

MinkPink Lonely Hearts Denim Shorts

avatar imagehipstariel92 59 months ago
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